25 December 2006

Hanging with Santa ...

Hanging with Santa

One of the best Christmas presents anyone can hope for is having at least one child [or anyone really, who still truly believes in Santa] running around on Christmas morning yelling, "Santa's came, Santa came and he ate all the cookies. Get up...Come See".

Really, What more could anyone ask for?

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday, ate too much turkey, nibbled on pounds of after-dinner chocolate & and remembered to have their best looking stretchy pants on hand for the after dinner lounge!!

Merry Christmas to All...
And to All a Good Night

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20 December 2006

Life over a Cup of Coffee ...

Finding Life over a Good Cup of Coffee

Another rough night.

I was unable to sleep again so I spent the night prowling around the house until the wee hours of the morning.

Thank God for jigsaw puzzles.

I find I am usually too tired to do anything productive so I just watch TV and do puzzles.

Hubby brought me up a cup of coffee on his way out.

Now I am staring at the bottom of my cup trying to "read" my coffee grounds and see what kind of day I can expect.

No coffee grounds!

What does that mean?    Hummm... doesn't look good.

I was hoping for an omen or at least a hint of what kind of day might come my way.

Oh well, I will just open the curtains & see if the sun is going to make an appearance - that would be nice.

Oh Yes!!

I see that it is beautiful outside ~ all misty & crisp.

A perfect Autumn morning.

It's going to be a wonderful day.

Life is good when you have a great cup of coffee in your hand!

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07 December 2006

Love / Hate ...

 This is me ... Loving & Hating Myself

Who am I:

Top 10 things I love about me:

1. I am the "Flubber" of optimism - every day brings a fresh new project.
2. I am a Canadian but dwell in the USA.
3. I am very honest & loyal.
4. I have a beautiful family that I love and that loves me.
5. I have a great sense of humor & I love that I "get" happy.
6. I am stronger than I know, brave & forgiving.
7. I am smart and lucky enough to be somewhat educated.
8. I love nature ~ it makes perfect sense to me!
9. I am slightly creative & creatively delusional at times.
10. I never take myself or life too seriously - "Happy Go Lucky".

Flip Side

Bottom 10 things I hate about me:

1. I am shy & introverted ~ often mistaken for rude & snobbish
2. I am overweight
3. I am full of self doubt
4. I am afraid of taking risks
5. I never break the rules
6. I am always afraid of life getting too uncertain
7. I am often moody & prone to throwing elaborate pity parties.
8. I am sadly lacking the gift of follow-through & rarely finish what I start.
9. I am not happy that I have MS, not happy about this at all (see item 6)
10. I am a walking contradiction

What to do....
Will the top 10 ever overtake the bottom 10?
Only time will tell.......

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05 December 2006

Having a Happy Day ...

This is me...having a "Happy" day

I love these flowers!

Every time I look at this picture it gives me a smiley face so I have chosen it for my first post.

I received  these flowers for my birthday earlier this year from two of my very favorite people in the whole wide world.

It was a marvelous surprise.

I wish I could spend everyday feeling this happy but sometimes life just isn't that playful but this day was good and I was happy.

Have you ever wandered through a GREAT day and wondered..."Is this the happiest day of my life?

Today is a good day.  I wonder though, when I look back over my life will I remember this as the “happiest” day of my life?


PS: This is my first blog entry. I began blogging on December 5, 2006. I used Typepad but have since switched to Blogger and I am now moving all my old posts over to my new blog.

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