31 December 2010

Where in the world is 2011 ....

- Welcome to 2011 -
Auckland, NZ  is the first major city to celebrate 2011
Sydney, Australia 
... Next stop Greenland ...

Wow, what an amazing year 2010 turned out to be for Mike & I - it made our heads spin!

It is one that will definitely stand out in the Burr-Thomson history books.

We are looking forward to the coming year with great anticipation and curious to see what 2011 will bring ...

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne? 

   For auld lang syne, my dear,
   For auld lang syne.
   We'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
   For auld lang syne.

From our house to yours 
we wish you a blessed & happy New Year

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30 December 2010

Happy BDay Ava ...

Happy Birthday Ava
- Celebrating 4 Wonderful Years  -

We hope today is as fun as fun can be!!
Love you
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29 December 2010

Ice Castles & Snow ...


Lighthouse Wrapped for the Holidays

Photograph by Mark Duncan, AP
It's not a wedding cake, an ice sculpture, an ice hotel or Snow Miser's palace - just a lighthouse at the entrance to Cleveland Harbor in Ohio, as seen enrobed in ice on December 16. 

Spray from Lake Erie and below-freezing temperatures turned Cleveland's West Pierhead Lighthouse into a Popsicle last week, leaving the Coast Guard to worry that any stubborn skippers braving the lake this time of year would miss the shoreline. The light's lens, as well as the rest of the building, is completely iced over—and will be for months.


I woke up to a little bit of Magic of our own this morning and even if it is not as amazing as the 'Ice Lighthouse' of Ohio it was still a truly welcome site.


We never get much and it never lasts long but I always enjoy every minute of it.

Where ever you are today - I hope you can find some  Magic of your own!

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28 December 2010

A Belated Birthday ....

BDay #8

Aidan: Spring 2003
When it comes to smiles Aidan sure takes after his Mom in a big way - they both have monster big smiles on their faces almost all the time. 
It is truly amazing how fast they go from a baby in a cradle to a rough & tough baseball lovin' half-grown little boy.  

It happens in the blink of an eye.  

It feels like there is just time for a smile & a giggle and then they are off ...

I used to think that my own kids grew up too fast but now I'm starting to think grand-kids actually grow up even faster.

Aidan was all smiles as we had a small 'belated' birthday with him. 

He actually turned 8 on December 16th so we were  only a few days late.

 - A presents a present no matter how late -
 I had given Jessica a memory foam mattress pad a few years ago and she told me that Aidan loved sleeping on it because it was so squishy & soft.  His bed was hard as a rock - I know because I've borrowed it a few times.

So Mike & I gave him one for his bed.

Not exactly the kind of thing you'd think an 8 year would get very excited about (especially for his birthday)  but Aidan loved it. 


Poor guy, he struggled with it for quite awhile before he finally got it opened and flattened out but you can see from that big smile it was all fun!

He loved it.

After he finally had it laying flat he did his 'new foamy' bed dance on it.

It was so funny to watch him because he was having so much fun.

And after he danced and the foamy had passed the 'Aidan' test - I scored a great big hug!

Yikes!  Give that girl a hair brush.

Then Auntie Katy got a big hug too! 

It was a happy day cause it's fun to turn *8*

I hope your bed is nice, soft & comfy now Aidan. 

Goodnight, Sleep-tight & don't forget to ....

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27 December 2010

78 Years Young ...


 78 Great Years

We celebrated Dad's 78th Birthday with him at Cathy & Wayne house on Saturday, December 18th.  

We had the party one day early because Mike had to leave early Sunday afternoon to return home to pick up the dog and get ready for work on Monday. 

It was festive & fun - Sandra & Brent brought the Chinese food for dinner and Mike & I brought the cake.  

There were 10 of us at the party: Cathy, Wayne, Sandra, Brent, Jessica, Aidan, Katy, Mike & I - and of course - Dad!  

Dad is wearing a Chilliwack Bruins Hockey toque because Mike & I bought him tickets to a Chilliwack Bruins hockey game.

He got the hat with the tickets to wear on his wintery walks. 

So come February Mike & I will be back up to Chilliwack and Dad, Jess, Aidan, Mike & I will all head out to cheer the Bruins on and then go for a nice dinner  together.

We had a wonderful time and it was nice to visit with everyone after such a long absence.

I love this picture of Cathy - she looks so beautiful in it.  

What a smile!!

After I got home and downloaded the pictures from the party I realized that I hadn't taken any group pictures.  


So now my one and only New Years resolution for year 2011 is to grab a GROUP photo at every single event I attend!!!!

Aidan playing with Tammy

Dad - you are loved & I hope you had a wonderful BDay!

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26 December 2010

Boxing Day 2010 ...

A Very Merry Christmas Morning ...
 Christmas 2010 has come & gone.

It came with lots of Love & Joy and left in much the same manner.

I have so much to catch-up on but for now I just wanted to post our Merry Christmas dinner photo ...

Look at Mike's smile!  Such a happy Christmas photo ... It's fake.  Mike was sick & spent most of  Christmas Day in bed.

After 8 months I am thrilled to once again have my own WHEELS ...
Mike bought me an early 25th Wedding Anniversary gift.  

A 2011 Ford Escape!  

Mike told me that he only wanted to look at used cars and didn't want to start looking until after New Years  so although I knew we needed to get another car this was an unexpected surprise. 

I love my new wheels but not nearly as much as I love him.    

Thanks Thirsty!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing Boxing Day!!

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25 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

From our house to yours 

Merry Christmas to each and everyone of you!

We hope that you all have a happy holiday and get to enjoy it with your friends and family.

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19 December 2010

Happy BDay Dad ...

Happy Birthday Dad
We Love you & wish you a Happy Day

Eat Cake & Celebrate!
Love you
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17 December 2010

A Fun Day ....

Dana & I
On Monday Dana & I went out to celebrate her birthday.

We started the our day together next door visiting my neighbor.  She made us some yummy potstickers for lunch lunch  then we spent a few hours drinking tea & conversing.    

After lunch we went we went over to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens to wander through the Garden of d'Lights.

It was raining when we first got there but stopped about 1/2 way through our tour.

It was chilly but as always beautiful.


Peter Cottontail in the Veggie Garden
After our stroll through the gardens we went out to a nice Birthday dinner at Crossroads Grill.  I love that place because the food is good and the atmosphere very friendly & pleasant.

We always have fun when we are together & her birthday was no exception .

Happy Birthday Dana
Thanks for making my world a better place
Love N

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