19 March 2010

52 years ago ...

52 years - just a blink, a wink & a nod.

No complaints.

Here is my B-Day Interview:

For my 52nd year ....

I WANT: Sunshine, lots of Sunshine!

I HAVE: Everything I need & most of what I want.
I WISH: And hope that everyone is living 'Knee-Deep' in love.
I PLAN: To hold nothing back and become more courageous.
I MISS: My Mom! Forever & always!
I HEAR: Birds chatting with the sky.
I WONDER: What next month will look like?
I REGRET: Selling my last house, loved that house but hated my life at the time.
I DREAM: Of having going on lots of new adventures.
I PRAY: The Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq are over soon.
I CRY: A.lot. I am often moved to tears.
I AM: Illogical but practical.
I MAKE: Beautiful babies & gardens.
I WRITE: Letters & cards.
I CONFUSE: Mike - a lot, sorry babe!
I BELIEVE: In the power of 'Hope'
I HOPE: I find some 'get-up & go' soon.
I NEED: God & my family & friends
I SHOULD: Move more.
I LOVE: Mike, my Girls, Family, & Friends & Sushi
I RESPECT: Mama Nature
I CAN: BBQ an awesome steak
I CAN'T: Change a tire, bake a pie or do complex math.
I PLAN: To visit at least 4 new cities.
I ANTICIPATE: Watching Kate graduate.
I CREATE: Chaos, Calmness & sometimes a beautiful mess.
I SMILE: Often.
I COVET: A Canon Rebel XSi
I FIND: Passive aggressive people a bore.
I CRAVE: Good books, movies & people.
I REJOICE: In my marriage.
I LAUGH: At myself all the time.
I FEAR: The economy
I WILL: Focus more on doing & less on wishing
I WON"T: Waste time regretting or fretting.
Whats a B-Day without some wishes:

I wish everyone a GREAT day - Filled with balloons & cake.


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