27 April 2010

Finding some sun ...

By now, most of you probably know that Mike has accepted a job in San Diego, California and we are currently in the rather arduous process of relocating. 

A process which involves the selling our house, Mike's car, half of our household junk on Craig's List and organizing the packers, movers, carpet installers, handymen, inspectors and Real Estate agents both here & there.
Whew ...
We are both nervous & very excited about beginning this new chapter in our lives and it just feels like the right time for us to make this move - with Jessica & Katy now firmly established and doing well in their lives ~ Mike & I feel ready to set off on a our own new adventure ...
When we decided that Mike would accept the job in San Diego I knew immediately that I wanted to create a new blog to help celebrate & chronicle our move to California and the building of our new life in San Diego. 
So you are invited to join us on our adventures as we navigate the rough seas of packing up and moving into a brand new life in a new state - the good, the bad & the ugly (hopefully there is more good than bad and very little ugly).

Here's to our new blog for our new life!

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