11 May 2010

Countdown ....

Nobody said it would be easy.  But still, I never dreamed it would be this stressful.  We are into our final countdown and it goes something like this:

  •  Tuesday (Today)
    • 4 packers arrive to pack household goods
    • 2 add'l packers just arrived & are building wooden crates in garage to pack TV's
    • more movers will come to disconnect dryer and ready washer & dryer for moving
    • Bookclub meeting
  • Wednesday 
    • 4 Packers to complete packing household goods
    • Mike & I move to Hotel for rest of time in Seattle
  • Thursday 
    • Van arrives, movers will load boxes, appliances, motorcycle & furniture and leave for San Diego
  • Friday 
    •  Visit Katy & then up to Canada
  • Saturday 
    • Watch Aidan's Baseball game
    •  then over to Jen & Jay's for BBQ
    • Drive back to Seattle 
  • Sunday  
    • Load junk & take to Dump
    • Make house ready for painters
    • Pack  up Computers & take to UPS store to have packed & shipped
  • Monday
    • Painters arrive to repair walls, baseboard & crown molding as needed
    • Paint 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and touch-up hallway as needed
  • Tuesday
    • Painter continue painting master bedroom
    • Paint stair trim
    • fix deck roof & paint
  • Wednesday
    • Painter arrive to complete house as needed
    • Trista comes to pick-up freezer
  • Thursday
    • Carpet installers arrive to remove old carpeting up & down
    • Lunch with Friends
  • Friday
    • New Carpet installed throughout house
  • Saturday
    • Leave for San Diego
Looks like we have a full plate for a while but hopefully things will calm down a bit once we arrive in San Diego.  I found this Stress Reduction Kit on line last night and plan on keeping it close ... just in case things get too hairy ...

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  1. Oh dear sounds extremely stressful. Just keep thinking about the sunny days ahead.



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