04 May 2010

Good-bye M's

On Saturday Mike & I attended what will probably be our last Mariner's Baseball game.  They lost - but will miss them anyways ...

In fact,  bet we still watch an awful lot of Mariner's baseball once we move. 

I wonder how long it will take till we start to feel at home in San Diego - until the Padre's start to feel like our baseball team?  Until we love Petco Field as much as we love Safeco?

Even though Mike & I are not leaving town until May 22nd I believe this was our last game because we will be gone next weekend out to Pullman to attend Kate's graduation and when we get back we will be full-blown Pack~Move mode, then up to Canada to say some good-byes and then we are down to San Diego.

So, while I will miss all of my great family, friends & people that I love in Seattle most of all - watching Mariner's baseball at the Safe will certainly be something that I miss greatly. 

But as the saying goes, 'when one door closes another one opens' and Mike & I are confident that we will enjoy watching the Padre's too ...

Mike & I (Mike more than I) have been fans of the Seattle Mariner's since 1995 when our friends Dave & Dana invited us to a playoff game and we've been hooked on Mariner's baseball ever since.

So lets all have a drink and toast to enjoying many great San Diego Padre's games ...

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  1. Hi Nancy, just trying again to post to your new blog.


  2. Hey now that my two paragraphs disappeared it worked. See you soon.


  3. Love your new blog, it looks great ! I sure am going miss you though. It's going to be fun to read your blog and follow your new adventures.
    HUGS and LOVE YA

  4. Those '95 playoff tickets were awesome - I remember the noise making my head pound, screaming at the top of my lungs without being able to hear myself, and the way my ears would ring on the way back to the car. All that plus some excellent baseball - good times!

    Have fun in San Diego, we'll miss you.


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