14 May 2010

Going, Going, Gone ...

Little by little, inch by inch we are getting ever closer to San Diego. 

On Tuesday the packer boys (4 of them) showed up bright & early to begin packing our stuff, our ever-growing pile of stuff. 

When they started packing I was so SURE that they would never be able to organized, wrap & pack all our house, garage & yarden stuff with the 2 days alloted for packing.

At this point, I still had my desk and computer hooked up so I was able to sit back in my office, playing on the computer and watch them from afar. 

Throughout the day box after box stacked up as I watched in amazement. 

These guys were uber efficient!!

After watching them all day I realized that the secret to their success was really very simple.  All they did was ...

Grab, wrap & pack! 

Yup, that's all there is to it. Grab - wrap & pack!

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING ...

They never hestitated or questioned anything ... 

If the next thing they grabbed was a bag of garbage then it was wrapped & packed and stuffed into a box, labled and inventoried.

And at lightening speed too!

It kinda makes me wonder what we are going to be unwrapping at the other end of this trip?

The first day the 4 packers finished at 6:30pm - they stayed until they felt that they were at least 1/2 packed.

Day 2, three packers showed up and they continued packing - then inventorying ever box & item they'd packed until almost 9pm. 

Early in the morning, before he left for work, Mike packed up my computer so I spent most of the day just wandering around or sitting on the couch watching them. 

Katy arrived home from school around 5pm bringing her cat, Chewie.  We got Chewie settled down in my masterbath (the only room with nothing in it too pack) and then we waited, hungryily, for them to finish up.

They did such an amazing job.

Yesterday, 5 movering men arrived with a giant truck. 

HUGE ...

The driver told me that after they loaded up my house he was heading over to Spokane to finish off the load (my house ended up filling about 2/3 of the truck ... I told you it was huge!) and then he was going to drive down to Sacramento (via Utah) to drop the Spokane load off and finally down to San Diego to unload our stuff. 

My goods will arrive at the storage facility in San Diego in about 5 days.

We ended up with over 400 boxes, all the furniture and yard toys.  They worked from 8am until about 7pm to get everything loaded on the truck and inventoried for scratches & damage prior to the move. 

It was a long, long day - it's very tiring to sit around all day when you have no where to sit,  stand around all day when everywhere to go you are in the way and try to keep busy when there is nothing to do.

Katy spent a good portion of the day laying in the masterbath chatting on the phone, sleeping or playing with Chewie.

We also took Sneakers on plenty of walks because she was upset about spending 3 days locked in her crate.

But, eventually they were all packed and truck left.

Part one of our move was finished.

Today is a day of rest, this weekend up to Canada and the onto part two of the move.

To be continued ...

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  1. wow that is the way I want to move next time!!!!!!
    see ya today

  2. Holy smokes that was amazing ! DD

  3. hope you can find everything / anything when you start unpacking in San Diego...


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