07 May 2010

New Digs ...

We're official - we are now San Diegans with an address -  a place to call home, hang our Mariner caps, and most importantly a place to keep our beer cold. 

We have been assigned our temporary digs in San Diego and this is the building we will be moving into.  

We are on the 7th floor somewhere (it will be interesting to live in a big city hi-rise  ... for a short while) in a one bedroom apartment. 

Mike's new work has arranged for us to received 'corporate' housing for the first three months that we are there while we wait for our house here in Seattle to sell.

It is a fully furnished & outfitted one bedroom apartment with a washer/dryer, TV, internet, cable, dishes, linens, etc.  

We are crossing our fingers that we will be able to sell our house before the 3 months is up because we have been told that if we need temporary housing for longer than 3 months (which is all his work will pay for) we should plan on moving into an unfurnished apartment on our own because this place will cost us upwards of $3500.00 a month.
Ouch - if we still haven't sold our house we will probably move into our own apartment and have to get some of our stuff out of storage which we have been told is quite expensive.  

And now if everyone will join me ... Let's all do the 'Fast Home Sale' dance together.

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  1. wow... that place looks really nice!!


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