24 May 2010

Temporary Home ...

I love Carrie's new song ... Temporary Home (take a listen)

It's day two and Mike & I are beginning to settle into our new life & digs here in San Diego.  

Our new apartment is small but nice. 

It's a one bedroom with den - so we have more than enough room for the two of us right now.

It is a nice cozy space and came fully stocked with everything we would need except for the basic household cleaning supplies & consumables, such as, laundry, dishwasher, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towel, etc.

We are up on the 6th floor and being that I don't like heights I don't really do much hanging out on the balcony. 

Much too scary to sit and enjoy morning coffee on - not much a view anyway so no loss  ...
We spent the day yesterday out house-hunting and getting a feel for the town of La Mesa.  La Mesa (Spanish for 'the table) is a smallish town of about 70,000 a little NE of downtown San Diego.
It's website boasts that La Mesa is , "Centrally located in the rolling hills of San Diego County, La Mesa is known as the "Jewel of the Hills." A near perfect climate, tree-lined streets, walkable neighborhoods, easy access to retail and commercial areas, and a quaint downtown village make La Mesa a highly desirable community in which to live, work and do business."

It is one of the target neighborhoods that we are house-hunting in.  

We really like La Mesa because it is so close to downtown San Diego (about 7 miles) and to Mike's work (about  20 miles) where we hope to spend a lot of time exploring and attending baseball games.
Mike went off happily to his first day of work at Qualcomm and I am just getting ready to spend the day with our Realtor, Tatiana, looking at houses in another of our target areas, Vista.

Mike is happier at work than house-hunting & I would rather be house-hunting so it all works out in the end!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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  1. Happy HOUSE HUNTING Nancy! and enjoy the sunshine while we get our rain boots out for tomorrow and I think for the rest of next week if the weather guy is right.


  2. House hunting sounds like fun.


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