05 May 2010

To-Do's, To-Done's & To-Don'ts & Birthday Wishes

To say that life has become one giant TO-Do list is a bit of an understatement!  

This week's TO:DO list:

  1. Speak with Realtor out in Lake Chelan & put timeshare up for sale
  2. Order Carpet
  3. Need to finish packing our clothes - those we need in the next 3 weeks, those we need in the next 3 months and those that will go into storage
  4. Began tearing down the Mickey Mouse wall paper border in Katy bathroom - need to finish
  5. Make list of everything we need to cancel (garbage, cable, internet, etc)
  6. Put in a change of address at post office
  7. Locate & gather all yarden toys in front garden
  8. Repot Maple, Lilac and snowdrop trees into new pots.  
  9. Wash old big pots for transport.
  10. Sell Baseball tickets on StubHub
  11. Sell Mike's Car on Craig's list
  12. Attend last Bookclub meeting
  13. Arrange lunch with Therese, Becky & Dana
  14. Arrange outing with Therese & Vivian to Chocolate Farm Nursery
  15. Take down all shelves I want to take with me.
  16. Call Contractor & confirm date for painting, wall & door repairs
  17. Call window washer  
  18. Find someone to wax & polish Hardwood floors
  19. Drop Sneakers off at boarding on Thursday
  20. Head over to Pullman for Katy's Graduation on Saturday
  21. Dinner Saturday night with Katy, Cory & Liz
  22. Head up to Canada for family BBQ & Good-bye's

    Here is last week's TO:DONE list:
    1. Spoke with Relocation company to verify moving company
    2. Spoke with Moving Company & set up date for Estimator to come
    3. Spoke with Corporate Housing Company to get Lease for temporary housing
    4. Met with Carpet Company Rep & selected new carpet
    5. Had Furnace serviced & cleaned.
    6. Met with Unigrout guy to arrange re-grouting of Master Bath
    7. Went to bank to transfer funds to pay for all of the above
    8. Spoke with Realtor down in San Diego
    9. Spoke & met with Realtor in Seattle
    10. Take down Christmas stuff from attic
    11. Organize rental car in San Diego (until our car arrives)
    12. Met with Estimator - (we apparently own about 19,000 lbs of junk - that's about 4,000 lbs more than they allot the average family) 
    13. Attended baseball game
    14. Took 3 car loads of donations to Goodwill 
    15. Helped Mike sort thru his office (4 bags Goodwill or trash)
    16. Cleaned out my Scraproom (3 bags Goodwill or trash)
    17. Took everything out of master bath to get ready for re-grouting
    18. Took Jetta for emissions testing
    19. Sold Jel fireplace on craig's list.
    20. Emptied Freezer 
    21. Had lunch with Claudia
    22. List Freezer on Craig's List
    23. Sold garden swing on craig's list
    24. Emptied all my yarden toys out of my garden and piled them up on deck.     ( funny how they look so cute mingled amid the flowers and yet it just looks like a big pile of junk when stacked up on the deck)
    25. cleaning, gardening, etc ...

    1. Forget to relax, breath & stay focused
    And we are sending some Very, Very Special 
    Happy Birthday Wishes
     to Livy
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    1. wow those are some big to do list , but all really worth it you guys are gonna have a great adventure. we are so excited for you and a little sad that you will be a bit farther away, but maybe you'll get even more visits from eveeryone, you are moving to a very sunny area, and very close to some great family destinations!!!!!
      see ya soon.


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