29 May 2010

Weathertainment ...

A while back I was introduced to the Rick Mercer Reports.

Having not lived in Canada for a very long time - his name sounded familiar but I wasn't too sure who he was.

I checked him out and he is funny - sometimes very funny.

So, I decided I would feature some of, what I thought, were his funnier Rants and Reports (I think this is my 2nd Rick Mercer Reports posting).

I've watched this one several times (for quality-assurance purposes) - it works -

He's a really funny guy ...

And this skit is oh, so, true.

It works in Canada and it definitely works in Seattle!!!!

Time will tell how well it stands up in San Diego ...
I give it 8 giggle & grins out of 10 (how you would score it)

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