14 June 2010

Del Mar ...

On Saturday, after enjoying the salt air, sea mist and beach breezes in Encinitas for a while we decided to head over to Del Mar. 

Del Mar is another small romantic beach town just to the north and when I say small - it is.  I believe the population of Del Mar is less than 6 ,000.

Del Mar is Spanish for, 'by the sea'.

Every year Del Mar is host to the San Diego County Fair and because it was opening weekend it was pretty crowded in the small town.  

Mike & I decided to grab some lunch and while we were at eating I looked up, 'Things to Do', in Del Mar on my phone and Mike saw an advertisement for Pelly's Mini Golf - he decided that we must go and so off we went ...

It was a gorgeous day and apparently the mini golf range is the spot in town to host your birthday party.  

I think there were at least  3 different birthday groups there  - we were not alone and had kids tailing us the whole game  ...

I must admit that getting used to having everyday be sunny and warm is a proving to be a bit of a challenge for Mike & I.  

Whenever we were going anywhere in Seattle - I would look out the window and check the sky - if I see a few clouds up in the sky I automatically think, 'better bring a sweater, hoodie or jacket' and pack it with me the rest of the day - you know, just in case.

But in San Diego this strategy is proving to be a bit of an inconvenience, for example, despite the fact that Mike wearing a black shirt, shoes & socks -  I talked him into packing along a jacket ... just in case because I'd seen a few clouds in the sky that  morning!

We'd packed them down to the car for nothing - at least we could leave them in the car - several times now we've carried them with us and ended up packing them around all day!  

Seattle is in a constant state of, 'just in case' but San Diego is pretty much in a constant state of, 'lovely day, isn't it'.

PS:  between the beach & mini golf we stopped to buy him some flip-flops!

Anyway, we had fun - but then, who doesn't love a good game of mini golf - Right!

And for some reason, Mike & I are often the only BIG people without any little kids with us at these 'child friendly' venues.  (Corn Mazes, Haunted Houses, Mini Golf, Snowflake Lane, Petting Zoo's). 

I was excited to discover that many of the smaller beach towns dotting the coastline are quite accessible to us and so far  we have not found the weekend traffic to be much of a deterrent to spending our weekends getting out exploring the area.

I think Mike must have been reliving some old childhood memory because he even treated himself to an Blue Icy when we were done ' golfing'.   

He said it wasn't as good as he remembered them .... (when are they ever - it's hard to live up to a childhood memory)

By the way - Mike won by 3 strokes!  

He got a hole-in-one - three times.  

I only got 1 - hey, it was a challenging course.

Mike enjoyed it so much that he is seriously considering buying a seasons pass!!!

Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance; 
they make the latitudes and longitudes.

- Henry David Thoreau -

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  1. That is a town that Steve and Daphne know well. It is the home of the famous Del Mar Race Track which opens next month. If you decide to visit the ponies you will have to let Steve know how you liked it.


  2. Aidan say's he is ready to mini golf with you guys any day !!! looks like you guys are having fun!!


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