13 June 2010

Encinitas ...

 - Moonlight Beach -

On Saturday  Mike & I  went to check out Moonlight State Park beach in Encinitas, Ca.  

Encinitas is a smallish coastal town just north of where we are currently living in San Diego / La Jolla.  

We were surprised that it was such a beautiful sunny day and the beach & the park were not crowded at all.

Amazing ...

But, I guess when you have white sandy beaches everywhere and it's sunny almost every day - going to the beach is not such a big a deal as it is in the cloudy, damp Northwest ...

- Volleyball courts -

You can't see them but lots of people were playing volleyball on the beach.  There were 4 courts altogether and there were many people sitting on the logs watching (most of the people were sitting on the other side). 

 -Park area just off the beach -

The park area was the busiest part of the beach.  Quite a few families were there having picnics or birthday parties. 

- Playing in the water -

It wasn't crowded but it wasn't empty either, there were definitely a good number of swimmers, surfers and sun-lovers laying on the beach.  

The sand was warm and white and it was very beautiful.  

Mike & I were amazed that there was ample parking along the residential streets leading down to the beach. 

- Sea Mist -

We were hoping to catch some surfer dudes who could actually stay on their boards for a while and ride the waves.  

Most of the people we saw trying to surf were obviously not too experienced because they couldn't stand up on their boards for very long without falling.

- Surf or Swim - 

This beach  was divided into 2 sides - one for swimmers and one side for surfers (I don't know if they are all like this or not).   

Mike & I hung out  in the middle ...

- Bloody American Tourists -

As hard as Mike & I tried to 'blend' into the native climate, culture and cool vibe, I'm afraid we  probably reeked like American tourists. 

Reeked ...

We walked around taking too many pictures, staring at the locals,  and, I mean - for God's sake, Mike was wearing a black shirt, shoes & socks on the beach.  

Not Cool!

Nope, definitely not cool - especially when everyone else around you is sporting swim shorts, t-shirts or bathing suits ...

Oh well, Live & learn ... right!

 -Fun & Fugly  -

But, as I predicted -  my fun & fugly shoes are going to be perfect for strolling along miles & miles of ...

endless sand & surf...

- Remember 'Bay Watch' -

Well, they are still alive and well.   

The beaches are dotted with these bay watch type huts where the life guards are stationed.  

Remember Pamela Sue Anderson running up and down the beach keeping all the surfer dudes like the one below are safe ...

Next time we will dress more appropriately and hopefully fit in a little better. 

I wonder how long it will take until we look more like Californians rather than Washingtonians

I'll leave you with some more pictures of the gorgeous beaches and other sights we found yesterday ...

- I hope everyone had a great day -
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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Hope you didn't get burned.


  2. We can't wait to come and visit, it looks amazing!!!!!!

  3. Ohhh... that looks like heaven!!! We want to come toooo..... :)

  4. Wow Nancy! Just when I thought I'd be able to stop by to visit, you've moved to San Diego! Looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm going to look outside to check the Vancouver weather before I get ready to go out.

    p.s. love your blog.


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