25 June 2010

Indecision ...

So here's the Long & Short of it ...

I am living beside the ocean but drowning in a sea of indecision.

Should I leave my hair long and wear it constantly in a pony tail ...
or get it all cut off?

 I have always had a very dysfunctional relationship with my hair.

It has never been my friend, in fact it's my constant enemy
- we are always engaged in a battle -

It's either: too thick, too mousy brown, too cow-licky, too hot, too tangley, too frizzy, too unmanageable, too dry,  or ...

too long or too short

Right  now it's too long, too hot and spending all it's time up in a messy pony.

I hate my hair when it's too long ...

but then again
I hate my hair when it's ...
too short and ...
I can't put it up into a messy pony.

Sounds simple - right!

Just cut it off 
I've had my hair cut so many times
and more often than not ...
it ends up too short!

Here in lies my dilemma ...

Cut it or Leave it alone?

'Indecision may or may not be the problem."
- Jimmy Buffet -

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  1. I definitely say LEAVE IT!!!! You have just gone through too many big life changes to go and chop your hair off and then possibly hate it. You need to wait it out until you have been there a while and life is more settled before you do something drastic...messy pony tails are not so bad, maybe go and have a couple inches choped off and clean it up if you want a little change. I quite like your hair.....I think you will be sorry if you chop it now. That's my vote!

  2. Sarah you are absolutely RIGHT!!!. Nancy, just LEAVE IT for now, you can cut it anytime. Ditto to everything Sarah said.



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