15 June 2010

Petco Park ...

 - Let's Play Ball -

On Sunday Mike & I made our first visit to Petco Park (home of the San Diego Padres) to watch the San Diego Padre's take on the Seattle Mariners.

It was nice to be in such a Win - Win situation - because it didn't matter to me who won or lost because I was really rooting for both teams.

This was not, however - true for Mike.  

He has always been a much more die-hard Mariners fan than I - so the transition to cheering for the Padres, especially when they are playing the M's, is not coming so easily.

While Petco Park is nice, I must confess that, Safeco Field is hands down the nicer of the two stadiums.   

I love the brick of Safeco and I think the ocean & downtown views from Safeco are nicer (although they aren't too shabby at Petco Park either).  

I also think that Safeco has more seating for people to sit around and eat at and  there is also a much better selection of:
  • Beer (Safeco = micro beers) 
  • Food (Safeco = grilled hotdogs - not steamed) 
  • Snacks (Safeco = cheap peanut, kettle corn & crackerjack vendors lined up & down every side street near the stadium)
 We couldn't find any of those goodies available at Petco??

However ...

Petco Park definitely wins in the geranium category ... 
(I think these geraniums are on steroids ...)

And Petco  - without a doubt - wins in the palm tree department as well ...

The seating capacity of both parks is about the same (give or take).

- Seattle -
- Safeco Field Stats -

Location:  Seattle, WA

Broke Ground:  March 8. 1997
Opened:            July 15, 1999

Owner: Washington-King County Stadium Authority

Construction Cost: $517.6 million

Capacity:  Baseball: 47, 116
                   Football: 30,144
Left Field:       331 ft
Left Center:    390 ft
Center Field:  405 ft
Right-Center:  385 ft
Right Field:      326 ft


 - San Diego -

- Petco Park Stats -

Location:  San Diego, CA

Broke Ground:  Summer 2000
Opened:            April 8, 2004

Owner: City of San Deigo (70%)
              San Diego Padres (30%)

Construction Cost: $450. million

Capacity:  Baseball: 42,445
Left Field:       367 ft
Left Center:    334 ft
Center Field:  396 ft
Right-Center:  322 ft
Right Field:     382 ft

- Historic Landmark -

- Everything old is new Again -

One thing I absolutely LOVE about Petco Park was the way they incorporated the old Western Metal Supply building into the park.   If you click on the picture and blow it up you will see that each floor of the building has seating and there is even seating on the roof!

It was supposed to be torn down and the park was scheduled to open in time for the 2002 season but a declared a Historic Landmark midway of construction and a lengthy court battle ensued and delayed completion of the stadium.

The courts finally determined that only the outside facade of the building was needed to be preserved and so it was eventually incorporated into the design of the stadium.

I think it is one of the stadium's most defining features ...

PETA protest -

During the construction of the stadium, the Padres offered fans the chance to purchase bricks outside of the concourse and to dedicate them.   Soon after this, PETA attempted to purchase a brick to protest Petco's treatment of animals (PETA and Petco have a long-standing dispute over this matter), but the first two attempts were denied. Undeterred, PETA succeeded on its third attempt by purchasing a brick which read "Break Open Your Cold Ones Toast The Padres Enjoy This Champion Organization." When one reads the first letter of each word, it forms an acrostic which reads "BOYCOTT PETCO." The Padres decided to leave the brick there, saying not enough people walking by would notice the secret meaning.

 - And now for something completely different -

- Felix Hernandez at home on the pitcher's mound - 

As most of you may already know - the Seattle Mariners are in the American League and the San Diego Padres are in the National League.  

The American League (AL)uses the designated hitter (DH) rule while the National league (NL) doesn't and what this means is that in the AL the pitcher doesn't hit and the team, instead, uses a DH while a pitcher on a NL must bat.  

 - Felix at 1st base -

The rulebook states that for inter-league game play (such as the Mariners vs. Padres) the home stadium rules are followed. So when the M's play the Padres in Seattle they can use the DH rule and when in San Diego - the pitcher must bat.

So above is a photo of Seattle  pitcher Felix Hernandez (#34) on 1st after he managed to get on base. (He never made it home)

FYI:  The 2010 All-Star game will, for the 1st time, will adopt the DH rule.

Ichiro warming up ...

Ichiro at bat ...

Mariners 4 - San Diego 2

Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.
- John Barrymore -

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