04 June 2010

Rollcall ...

Come out, Come out where ever you are .....

My sitemeter tells me that, on average, 30 people visit my blogs everyday!  

I am wondering where everyone's hiding?  

Who everyone is?

I'd love to meet you!

I don't get very many comments so I never know who's checking in everyday.  I'm just wondering how everyone is ...

- So today is your day -

I would love it everyone who reads my blog to leave me a little comment and introduce themselves (Hey why not - it's Census year)
Just a little note to say hi, tell me who you are, where you live or anything else you might like to tell me about yourself because I would love to meet you!!!

It's easy - just click on the comment button below and start talking ...

Come on' - don't be shy!
Make my Day!

I can't wait to hear from you ...
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  1. Hi my name is Sarah, I am the best niece you could ever ask for. I love reading your blog everyday as it gives me something interesting to read in between some of the mundane household chores I am doing throughout everyday! I especially now love to read your blog now that you are in San Diego, as it adds that excitement of somewhere hot and sunny to dream about!! Hope you and Mike are settling in well there. Is Mike enjoying his new job? Have you had beautiful sunny weather everyday? I think it has rained here everyday since you left. In fact, one of my friends drove down to Seattle 2 weekends in a row for her older daughters to play in two different softball tournaments and on both weekends by Saturday afternoon they were rained out.....share a little sunshine with us even if it is only in the pictures!!!

  2. We've already been blog-formally introduced, but just for fun, here's something I betcha didn't know about me:

    I have a birthmark in the shape of the Hawaiian Islands on my leg. I keep telling my husband that it is a sign that he should whisk me off to my native land, but he's not biting.

  3. I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day. Its just that I would rather read than write :).


  4. Hi my name is jenny and I have to say I think I top the charts for best niece around didn't we supply the large dirt pile for everyones entertainment !!!!!!!!! Hope all is well with you guys down there I read your blog everyday , jay also reads it now , who know maybe he,ll post a comment tonight.
    I love ready about your life adventures down in san diego I will try to post more often .
    see ya all soon there is only 48 more sleeps till VEGAS

  5. Hi Mom! It's Katy :) I read your blog just about everyday, love ya!

  6. Hello!!! It is Jessica and Aidan here and we are HUGE fans of your blog and read it everyday!!!
    keep up with those pictures of San Diego!!!


  7. It is Dana one of your many best friends. I love to read your blog, I don't make it everyday but sometimes everyday. Dave reads it too. I told a lot of my friends at different times, maybe some of them are reading it too.

    Hope you are having fun discovering your new city and state. Love your great photography!!!


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