03 July 2010

BBall Groupon Style ....

Let me just begin this post by saying that Groupon is the greatest thing since bread.  

Yup, I think it's save to say I'm having a love-fest with Groupon ...

I was introduced to it about 6 months ago by a friend in Seattle and was instantly smitten.

It's a great way to exploring the town you live in (if Groupon is available in your town at this time) at bargain prices ... 

And believe me, I guarantee you will love Groupon too!

Adventure at bargain prices ...

What is Groupon:  Well, in their own words,

"Groupon started in November 2008 as part of The Point, a platform for collective action. 

We started Groupon to make it easier for people to enjoy the great things in their community.
Each day, Groupon emails its members one unbeatable offer on something great to do in your city.
We offer consumers great values by guaranteeing businesses a minimum number of customers.
If a certain number of people sign up, then everyone gets the Groupon offer and if that minimum isn't reached, then no one gets it."
Everyday Groupon emails me the 'deal of the day' and I decide if I want it.  

If I chose to buy it then I have anywhere from tomorrow through year-end or sometimes up to one year after purchase to use my Groupon coupon.

Last week one of the daily deals on Groupon was for a night with the Padres complete with a little something-something extra thrown in on the side.

See below ... 

I snagged this deal right away before it had even tipped - apparently over 3500 other folks did too!

Oh, and by the way,  I love that you can 'gift' Groupons too!  
For example, I subscribe to Groupon in Vancouver and Portland too so that if I see an amazing deal for Jessica & Aidan or Katy & Cory I can 'gift' it to them.

Seriously!  What's not to love about Groupon!

So anyway, last night Mike & I used our Groupon to watch the Padres take on the Houston Astro's ... Groupon style. 

This is only the second game that we've attended but we have watched some on TV and we are now starting to feel more at home with the team. 

I actually recognize some of the players now.  

I must say that it does feel strange to watch a home-team that I am  not too familiar with and to also be watching them play teams I don't really know very well (or at all)  ...

Seattle was in the American League and San Diego is in the National League so while I know all the team names I don't recognize the  players, their uniforms, logo's or  ...

team mascots !!!!!

however, I think I am falling in love the Padres mascot ... Friar

Ya, the Moose is cute, but ... I think Friar is just a little more fun (no offense Moose)  ...

It was a beautiful night and a good game.  

The final score was Padres 1 / Astro's 0.  

After the ball game was over the Padres treated the crowd to an amazing fireworks show ...

My pictures are not very good so you'll just have to take my word for it ...

they were spectacular ...

It was a great game, a great Groupon, and a great celebration.

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  1. what does your hat look like that you got with your groupon coupon? I love groupon as well!! I have been checking the las vegas groupon everyday hoping to snag some good deals for our trip to vegas!!


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