06 July 2010

Celebrating ....

- Boom on the Bay Day -

July 4th in San Diego is celebrated with what they called .... 'The Big Boom on the Bay' and Mike & I decided that was where we would spend our very first 4th of July in San Diego.  

They have 4 big barges full of fireworks scattered on bay so that they can be seen from many different locations around the bay - boats of every shape & size fill the bay so that they can see see the fireworks from every angle.

- Maritime Museum -

Since we don't own a boat - we decided to buy tickets through the Maritime Museum to see the fireworks floating out on the bay aboard the historic 'Pilot' boat.  

We headed down to the 'Embarcadero' to the Maritime Museum around 3 o'clock, nice and early, so that we would have time to tour the many different historic boats that make up the museum's collection.

 - The Californian -

 We toured several tall ships ....
- The Tall Ships -

These old wooden ships are so incredibly beautiful.

The Movie 'Master and Commander' (starring Russel Crowe) was filmed one of these tall ship ...

- Star of India -

 The 'Star of India' is the oldest active sailing ship in the world  ....

 - Us -

We didn't see all the museum had to offer so we are looking forward to spending more time down there exploring.  (As you can see we have coats on - it was cloudy and chilly down by the water - but still sunny)

 - Cold.War Era Russian Sub -

Mike really wanted to go into the subs but we I mean he didn't have time to go down into either of the two submarines they have (one Russian & one American)

BTW - I will never - ever be going down into either of two tin cans ...

- The Pilot -

Around 7:30pm we climbed on board the 'Pilot' to head out into the bay for a short tour and then to watch the fireworks.  

I really wanted to go out on the bay to see the fireworks on one of 'tall ships' but because we ordered our tickets so close to the 4th all the tall Ship tickets were 'sold out' and we had to go on the smaller boat.

- The Crew -

Not to worry - the 'Pilot' and the especially the crew were amazing!!!  We had such a great time.  

We went on an hour long tour of the harbor and the captain narrated the whole time so we learned a lot about San Diego, the bay, the Army, Navy & Air Force.

 On our tour we saw ...

- San Diego Skyline -

- forget towing a car behind a trailer - try a bringing your helicopter on the boat just in case you might want to hop over to town -

- Military ships -

- Navy boats on patrol  -

- we saw at least 6 Coast Guard boats cruising around the bay  -

- The Coronado Bridge -

- A big Navy ship lit up for July 4th -

And if you like Fireworks - The Big Boom on the Bay had them ....

Don't forget you can click on each picture to blow it up and see the fireworks on the big screen ...

- The Happy Face Fireworks -

Mike & I love watching the fireworks and we were surrounded by them.  They were incredible !!

I hope everyone had a Happy July 1st or 4th as the case may be.

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  1. Great photos of the fireworks. You two are looking wonderful, all that sunshine must be good for you.



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