29 July 2010

Las Vegas ...

The thing you gotta love about  Vegas is , that  like Christmas, there is no such thing as 'going overboard'.

You can never have too much too much glitz, glamor, bling or too many sparkles ...

- Vegas Sparkles -

Last weekend was our 'Girls Only' trip to Las Vegas to help Katy celebrate the successful completion of her first 4 years at college. 

Our Girls weekend include: Jenny, Jessica, Katy, Sarah & myself.

The flight from San Diego to Vegas took less than an hour and I arrived just ahead of the rest of the girls who flew out of Bellingham, WA.

We all met up at the hotel ...

- The Venetian is the Largest Resort in the World -

We stayed at the 'Venetian' hotel (awesome pick Jen).

If you are heading to Vegas anytime soon and haven't selected a hotel yet ... I would Highly recommend the Venetian.

The rooms were so luxurious and large.   We stayed in the Bella Suites and they are just over 700 sq. ft.

Lots of room to roam ...

We actually spent very little time in the hotel room or the casino.

We spent the one day wandering around the Outlet mall in 110 degree weather.

It was HOT ... Crazy Hot!!!! 

- Katy -

Later that night we roamed through the Grand Canal - checking out the shops & sights followed by drinks & dinner.  

- The Grand Canal -

- Cheers -

- Katy's Flirtini -

 - Bottom's Up Jess -

Martini's, Margaritas and wine were the drinks that we seemed to  run into a lot over the weekend!

- Yum,  Margaritas  -

We needed to stay hydrated in that heat ...

- Water, water everywhere -

The resort had an amazingly beautiful garden area that had many statues, fountains, pools & spas but it was so darn out I just did a quick tour of it.

Even late at night it was still ... burning hot.

- a Hot/Cool Tub -

Sarah braved sitting outside & reading one afternoon for a while.  When it became unbearable she jumped into the pool to cool off.

Katy went down to spend some time in the hot tub/spa once.  She said they added cool water to it every once in a while.

 - Postrio Bar & Grill -

One night we ate at the Postrio Bar & Grill one night which is Wolf Gang Puck's restaurant at the Venetian.

It was so good.

Loved it.

- Sarah & Jen  - 

And then we wandered around the Grand Canal Shops ...

- Wandering the Canal -

- More sights along the Canal -

None of us gambled very much.  

I guess we just didn't really feel like spending all our time in the Casino but we did manage to drop a few pennies into the slot machines every now & then as we passed by them ...

The Star Wars Slot & Sex & The City slot machines were a big hit!
- Star Wars Slots -
  - Woo.Hoo -

No big winners but then again  no big losers either ...

We also spent some time rubbing elbows with celebrities at 'Madame Tossaud's ....

 - Jerry Springer  -

We bumped into Hef ...

Say Yes to the Dress meets McDreamy ...

Riding with Evil Knievel ...

We played a couple rounds with Tiger & Arnold ...

and Katy belted out a few tunes on Liberace's piano ...

Magic ...

And we all went gaga over Tim ....

Hanging with the some of the Founders ...

On our last night in Vegas we went to see a play called, " Tony & Tina Get Married".  It was a fun and very interactive play with a LOT of audience participation. 

- Jessica, Jenny & Katy -

 The play started in the lounge were we had drinks before the 'wedding'.  Here we are hanging out & having a few laughs with  a few members of the bridal party before the wedding began ....

Then we went into the wedding chapel where Jenny & Kate joined the Best Man for some dancing ...

Katy makes a new friend.  He is the ex-boyfriend of the bride  ...

Katy makes another new friend ...

Sarah chatting  with the Maid of Honor ...

After the wedding & dinner the dance floor is open for business ...

All in All it was a great weekend and everyone had fun.

Oh, and by the way - -I just wanted all of you to know


That the 5 of us proved that the saying:
'Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas'

.....  is not always true!!!!

- Sometimes -  

what happens in Vegas ...
... follows you home   :)

- Katy shows off her Daffodil Tattoo -

- Jen's new tattoo  (her babies listed on her wrist) -

- Sarah's tattoo (Japanese symbol for family) -

- Jessica's tattoo (Aidan's name is woven into her old tattoo) -

- Me,  being 'inked' by Josh - 

 - My Canadian Maple Leaf -

I wouldn't call Las Vegas my kind of town but it is a great place for a weekend getaway.   

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  1. Sooo much fun!!! I loved the dance Jen and Katy had to do at the wedding!! I had a great time, despite the heat!!

  2. That looks amazing. Totally my kind of weekend. Friends.Food.Fun.Tattoos. ;)

  3. Go Canada! Love the maple leaf tattoo.


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