26 August 2010

Fingers & Toes ....

Remember this guy.

No, well I sure do.

Last May he drove up to the front of our house,  loaded up all our stuff, the garage,  backyard and car - then drove away without so much as a wink, a honk or nod.

Don't get me wrong - I was excited but  still, I crossed my fingers & toes, praying that our stuff would arrive in San Diego without injury.  

Little did we know we might never  that truck or our stuff  again.

I heard on the news this morning that Home Sales in the U.S. were down, way down  in July and that home prices haven't been this low in many areas since the 60's.

I have been  keeping my fingers & toes crossed and praying that things will start to look better soon.

Real soon. 

And then  day before yesterday  ...

We finally got an offer on our house. 

It was countered, accepted, and now if all goes well we will close on September 17th (Cathy's Birthday).

Yea, after 3 months on the market, 3 price reductions and 3 (okay, maybe there were about 30) little bitty nervous breakdowns (some of them may have been more seismic than itty-bitty  in scope but I'm not naming names or pointing fingers) - we finally got an offer!!!


But still, I'm keeping my fingers & toes crossed and praying that the house will close without a hitch.

Now, Mr. Burr would argue that we picked the exact wrong time in history to sell our house and relocate.  

Maybe that's  true if the only reason we did this was to sell our house but it wasn't and so regardless of what he says, I say - we picked the exact right time in the history of us to do it!

Sometimes in life you just have to cross your fingers & toes and pray & hope for the best.

Yah, I can, 'C'est la vie' with the best of em' ...


After the sale closes I will still be keeping my fingers & toes crossed and praying that we will see a lot of these signs in our near future.

I think they could be a good omen of great things to come for us here in SD.

I just hope my toes don't start to cramp before the whole thing is over ...

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  1. Oh that is so exciting, we will keep our crossed for you as well and throw a few prayers your way!!!!!! Hopefully, everything goes smoothly, I think it is a good sign that the closing day is on Mom's b-day!!!! Good luck, we are thinkin' of ya!!!


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