10 August 2010

Katy ...

Katy flew in from Portland on Sunday morning for a short 3 day visit before heading back to Washington to start school for the year.

We picked her up at the airport around 11:30am and we were all starving so we decided to head over to the Dirty Bird for wings & a beer.

- Mike & Katy enjoying libations at the Dirty Bird -

After lunch we wandered around the pier for a while to take in the sand, surf & sun and then headed back over to the apartment.

Katy was tired because she had gotten up at 5:30am so that Cory could drop her off at the airport early because he & his Mom were riding in the 'Portland Beat the Bridge' bike race later that morning.

We hung around the apartment chatting for a while and then Katy & I went for a walk over to the mall beside our apartment for a Starbucks and to look around for a while.  
The next morning (Monday) Mike went off the work and Katy and I headed over to the Birch Aquarium at Scripps. 

- Birch Museum at Scripps Institute of Oceanography (UCSD) -

Mike's work offers discounted tickets to most anywhere you would ever want to go to in San Diego so off we went armed with our cheap tickets, camera and sunglasses. 

It was another beautiful sunny day and it felt good to just be outside.

- Katy & I -

I have been to a few aquariums in my life: Vancouver, Seattle, Baltimore and now San Diego's and I must say that HANDS DOWN Vancouver, B.C.'s aquarium is by far the BEST.

None of the others even come close to the Vancouver Aquarium but they are all nice in there own way.

To be fair, I think that Seattle & San Diego have far superior Zoo's while Vancouver has  focused more on their aquarium. 

- Jellyfish - 
~ I think this looks like an alien planet in the night sky ~

The Birch Aquarium is different than Vancouver's in that it is primarily a research institution for the University of California, San Diego and so while it is a huge facility the actual public aquarium is quite small.  

It is also a center for public education and has many classrooms and offers a lot of classes for school age children.

They had some very interesting interactive 'Climate Change' exhibits, tidal pools and coral reef exhibit.

- Sea Horse -

The aquarium has a wonderful collection of seahorses from around the world including a seahorse 'nursery' where they breed them.

After Katy and I finished at the aquarium (which is about 5 minutes from where I live) we headed back over to the apartment because Mike & I were heading over the DMV to register our cars and take our Driver's License test.

One of Katy's college roommates just happens to be from Escondido which is about 20 minutes from us and so she came over to pick-up Katy and they went off to explore 'Old Town' San Diego for the afternoon and visit.

Katy's friend, Nicole, is leaving on Wednesday to attend graduate school in Ohio so they will probably not see each other again for a very long time and so it was nice they had this last chance to see each other.

The DMV was - while anyone who drives is familiar with what the DMV knows that involves  - long, long slow moving lines, uncomfortable chairs, screaming kids and a numbering system for service that would leave Einstein confused.  
All the numbers began with a letter and the letters went from A all the way up to H - YIKES.

The poor guy sitting beside  Mike told us he had H047 and he was concerned because he had been waiting over 40 minutes and said that he hadn't heard them call a single number that started with H.  

- Tide Pools at Aquarium -

Last I saw of the guy he had managed to corner a manager and was trying to get an ETA for when he could get his paperwork taken care of.    

Not sure what ever happened to him ...

Oh, and this DMV office was a relic from the past.  It was completely UN.AUTOMATED and what little automation they did have was broken.

Stepping inside those doors was like stepping into a time machine and going back in time about 40 years.

For example, Mike driver's test was on a photocopied piece paper which someone marked by hand complete with check marks for the ones he got right.

I think I've taken my tests on a computer since about 1995 in Washington.

Needless to say I did not have a pleasant experience at the DMV.

I'm sorry but why do I always get the defective one ...  think  'Patti'  of  'Patti & Selma' from the Simpson's - well that was the  DMV employee I got .... 

She told me I would have to go to the Optometrist and get glasses and then come back ...

I told her that I'd been to many optometrists before and glasses would not correct my vision.

She just sneered at me and said ... 'well you still have to go him and get this paper completed' 

So now I have 10 days to go to an Optometrist and have him sign a paper that says even though  I can't pass their vision test ... I can see good enough to drive.

Then it's back to the DMV where they will, hopefully,  agree to let me take both the written test and the ROAD test (eek - parallel parking) so they can verify that I can indeed see the other cars on the road. 

So my DMV saga is To be continued ...

Katy and I are off to Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo today to see the Panda Bears.

I wish everyone a sunny day & disposition to match

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  1. Hey Nancy

    looks like you guys are having a good visit.
    Vancouver aquariam is indeed very nice and we just got 25 million dollars to spend on it to make it that much better!!!!!
    Have to agree the seattle zoo is far superior to our little one here.
    later jen

  2. So when you move to a new state, your driver's license is no longer valid??


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