05 August 2010

Pacific Beach ...

- Pacific Beach -

This past weekend Mike & I went off to explore Pacific Beach.

It is the quintessential Southern California beach - complete with an eclectic  mix of surfers, hippies, partying college kids, family vacationers and, of course, a smattering of the upper crust because to live in the PB, as it is called, is very expensive! 

- Cupcake Bike - 

It was a beautiful day and people were scattered about everywhere.

The beach was full but not crowded.  

The sun was shining.

It was warm & breezy but  not hot & stifling.

A perfect day for the beach.

- Boards, flip flops & white sand -

Mike & I have been living in SD for just over 2 months now and while we have had a rocky start we are finally - finally beginning to feel at home ...

Turns out that relocating your life to another state is hard.

Really, really hard.

I thought it would be just like moving, albeit a  very 'big move' but as it turns out ... it's more like moving to another planet.

A Rocky Start: 
  • Redmond House: After 2 price reductions it is still unsold.  The Seattle market is standing still.
  • Weather:  June & July have been the 2 coldest months on record in San Diego, Cloudy everyday!
  • Jetta:  Transmission died  & it spent 2 weeks in shop and cost $4800. to fix.  Suck!
  • Motorcycle:  A week after the Jetta died - it died. (*insert swears*). It was in the shop for almost 2 weeks and cost 450. to fix.  Double Suck!!
  • Rental Car: We had to  rent a car for most of the 2 weeks that the vehicles were in the shop.  Kiss  Another 500. good-bye.
  • Storage:  Mike's work has been paying to store out household goods but that will stop on August 19.  Yikes, the company wanted $1700 / month to continue storing.  They will also pay for one final load, move and unload & set-up of our furniture.  Just one!  If we move our stuff to a cheaper storage facility they will move it but that would count as our final move.  At the point when we finally buy a house  (I'm sure we will get there eventually) and are ready for our furniture - we would have to hire a moving company to load/move/unpack it.  $$$$$.
  • Housing: Mike's work has also been paying for our housing which will expire on August 19th also.  If we stay in the furnished apt we are currently in - it will cost $3650.00/month.  Hmm, nope - no can do.  I have been looking for cheaper housing but it is hard to find cheap housing that will not require us to sign a 12 month lease.  Plus, we will have absolutely no furniture or household goods.  Not a pot to pee in - so to speak.
(((((STRESS )))))

 - Walkers, Surfers, loungers - 

Spending a sunny day exploring the white sandy beaches is just what we need to help us remember why we were willing to pack up and relocate to San Diego.

Wandering along the beach, a warm balmy breeze blowing, listening to the people laugh - amid the chaos of our life right now - was a definite **Ahhhh ** moment.

- Crystal Pier -

We walked down to the Crystal Pier.  Built in 1921 and it is very old & original - rustic. 

So beautiful. 

It is a very old wooden pier and when you looked down you could see the waves through the cracks.

I loved walking along it listening to the waves, the seagulls & all the people. 

'The cure for anything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea.'
- Isak Dinesen -

 - Entrance to Crystal Pier -

You enter through a big arch and dotted along both side of the first part of the pier are little cottages that you can rent.   

I think this is where Mike & I might spend our anniversary in January.  

They are expensive but you are literally perched atop the ocean - and fall asleep at night listening to the waves.

Bliss ...

- Cars, people & fisherman line the pier -

When you rent a cottage you can drive your car onto the pier and park right in front of the cottage you are renting.

Here are some pictures of the inside of the cottages that I grabbed off the internet.

Can you just imagine having a drink in the evening on that deck - watching the sunset.

Or having coffee on it the morning.

Heaven on earth!

 - Simply Beautiful  -

Could you just imagine living full-time in one of these cottages.  

- Fishing on the Pier -

There were lots of people fishing off the pier.

I asked one of the fishermen what they caught off the pier and he said that, depending on the season, they got California Halibut, Surf perch, Walleye Surf perch, & yellowfin croakers among others

Now, I'm definitely not a fishergirl and other than halibut ,  I've never heard of any of these fish but apparently them are all good for eating.

It looks fun - relaxing.

I'm thinking maybe I'll rent a rod, buy some bait, and give it a try next time.

- Surfing -

We watched the fisher folks and the surfers for a while ...

All kinds of ^wild^life likes to hang out at the pier.

After wandering around the pier and taking in the sights we decided we were hungry & thirsty.

We headed down main street to find the Dirty Bird, a Pub & Hot Wing joint Mike had read about on the internet.

It was a great find.

First of all, any pub that keeps my favorite beer on tap is a winner in my books  - Sam Adams!!

Secondly, their Hot Wings were FANTASTIC!

I do believe that we have now found what is destined to be one of our favorite places in San Diego to hang out in.

A fine place to drink some good beer and do some serious munching!!!

And now onto some
Smoother Sailing
  • Redmond House: Still for sale ...
  • Weather:  August is starting with sunnier days and warmer weather.
  • Jetta:  Fixed and home again.
  • Motorcycle:  Fixed and home again.
  • Rental Car: Returned.
  • Storage:  I finally worked out a deal with our current storage company.  Yeah!  The furniture will stay were it is.
  • Housing: Looking, still looking ... TBA
  • Katy:  Will be here on Sunday for a short visit before starting school again.   
  • Grunion Run: We are going to take Katy late on Sunday night to see the Grunion Run at Moonlight beach!  Good times.
  • Dirty Bird:  I think we will take Katy to the Dirty Bird - our new favorite Pub.
  • WORK Mike is starting to feel at home and more comfortable
****** Ah, Relax  *****

- Life is good -

Cause you know what they say ....
When life gives you lemons ask for the salt and tequila!

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  1. The idea of moves terrify me. Literally leave me quaking. Because I hate change. And I hate the unknown even more.

    I think folks like you are so crazily brave. Here's hoping that the tail-end of your move is breezy.

    The husband was in the San Diego area a few weeks ago. He was telling me how beautiful it is there. I'm thinking he needs to rent me one of those cottages so I can find out for myself!! (And you and I could share that margarita!!)

  2. I loved those cottages Ineed one !!!!
    jess would love them they come with their own white noise machine!!
    Hope everything settle down for you guys soon.
    what an adventure.
    later jen

  3. Yes I agree with the above. You are a very brave and adventurous couple, first Maryland then with furniture and the purple car in tow drove across the country to Seattle then some years later and you flew off to find a new life in San Diego.
    I will have dreams tonight that I am lounging on the deck of one of those cabins feeling the ocean breeze love CMc

  4. We are really hoping that your house sells SOON!!!!! You do not need all that stress in your life. San Diego looks sooo beautiful, it will all work out in the end. Someway, somehow.....we will say some extra prayers for you tonight....


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