27 August 2010

Sunrise & Five Things ...

- Up to watch the sunrise yesterday morning   -


5 Things I want to learn:
  1. To draw  Botanical Illustrations like Franz Bauer
  2. To take Photo's like Ansel
  3. To have a Garden again - I miss my Zen!
  4. To cook like a Top Chef
  5. To become gifted in the Art of Small Talk
5 Things I did recently:
  1. Became a member of the Japanese Friendship Garden at Balboa Park
  2. Chatted with one of my oldest and dearest friends, Dana - Love ya! 
  3. Started reading Claudia's book. 
  4. Discovered a great new blog - 'Catalog Living' (Click to check it out - very funny)
  5. Packed up most of our apartment so we could move this weekend.
5 Things I have a problem with lately:
  1. The problem I have with most technology is that you usually have to know a certain level of math and/or science to setup, operate or repair it.  (Which is fine but what about the other 99 % of us - huh)
  2. The problem I have with living in a year round sunny, warm climate is that you have to shave your legs all the time -  not just for a few months in the summer ...
  3. The problem I have with giving up a land-line and primarily using a cell phone is that I keep forgetting to make sure it's on ring & not vibrate so I can hear it.
  4. The problem I have with living in this apartment is that I have to park 4 stories underground and live 6 stories off the ground.  (unnerving in earthquake country)
  5. The problem I have with relocating is having to make all new friends (something I am not good at)
5 Things I am hoping  for:
  1. A quick & painless house sale
  2. A successful home purchase
  3. A job - any job.  Will work for __________! (you fill in the blank)
  4. A trip to Napa Valley with Mike in October
  5. A new Kitty cat (when I get a house)
5 Things I am Wishing for: 
  1. That Aidan loves grade 2!
  2. That  Dad has no more problems with his hip or scooter.
  3. That I get to go  see either "The Last Exorcism' or  the "Takers" tonight.
  4. That we go eat Sushi this weekend.
  5. That I am reunited with my Tivo soon.
5 Things I am praying for:
  1. That Dana gets the job she recently interviewed for, really wants and is so ready for!
  2. That the miner's trapped in Chile  are able to stay safe & sane until they can rescue them!  (33 men trapped in a 600 sq. ft. room - 1/2 mile underground for 4 months ...)
  3. That Ron & Yuping have a safe & wonderful trip to China.
  4.  That I win the $133 million dollar lottery this weekend (LOL - I'll share)
  5. That every one I love has green grass to play on, sunny skies to play under and a warm bed to sleep in.
 -Happy Weekend Everyone  -

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  1. Okay, I am routing for the $133 million as well. I assume if you won that much the nieces would be included in the wealth!!!LOL


  2. Absolutely!!!

    I would for sure buy one of the townhouses at Parksville for everyone to share. Heck! maybe two of them - then two families can vacation together without being crowded!

    First, I've got to get myself dressed and walk over to the mall to buy a ticket.

  3. I sure enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the love and prayers.

  4. Where are you??? Everyone in my house forgot my birthday today and I went straight to the blog knowing my birthday wish would be there and it was MISSING!!!!!

  5. Great lists! I live in a warm climate, but I definitely don't shave my legs as often as I should...oops!


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