16 September 2010

Plugged In & Happy BDay Sarah ...

-Unplugged -
I have been unplugged from both the internet or cable since we moved into the new apartment on August 28th.

At first it was a novelty, but within days it became a nightmare and after about a week it just became, well,  life unplugged!

I tried to live off my cell phone which has data but because of the rather *crappy* cell phone reception we get at our apartment - it was a struggle.

Last night we were finally able to get back, 'Plugged In'.   Yeah!  

We still don't have cable and probably won't bother with it.  I subscribed to Netflix last night and you can watch both movies and TV shows online with it.

I don't even wonder if I'm addicted to the internet ... I know I am and I don't care.  

Being 'plugged in' seems to shrink the world so that we are all within shouting distance and being 'unplugged' feels like you are floating all alone without a tether in outer space.

That's all for today because I have several blogs to catch up on and bills to pay but before I go ....


As Homer would say , D'oh! Sorry I'm missed your BDay!!
I hope you had a wonderful Day Sarah.
(Sept. 9th)
PS: Homer, put your pants back on!

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  1. So nice to see you back Nancy.


  2. Great to have you back plugged in!!!!!!!!!Have missed my morning meetings with you!!!!
    hope all is well with you guys.

  3. Good to see you back. Thinking of you guys today, hope the house sale is finalized for you!!!!


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