17 October 2010

Countdown (10) ...

(days till Seattle)

  Top 10 Ways I will know I'm Home

1.     People around me will know how to pronounce Puyallup, Sequim, Sekiu, Yakima, Oregon, Wenatchee, Steilacoom, Quileute, Cle Elum and Willamette.
2.     Names like Point No Point, Useless Bay, Deception Pass, Destruction Island and Friday Harbor won’t phase anyone.
3.     The weather vernacular includes phrases such as:  “Today: Showers followed by rain. Tomorrow: Rain followed by showers.” “Rain, changing to showers” and "Rain with sun breaks.”'
4.  Everybody around you  knows that  people who use umbrellas are either tourists or wimps (or both)
5.   People on the street can point out at least two volcanoes, even if they can’t see through the cloud cover.
6.   Everyone will know what the expression, “The mountain is out” means.
7.    Everyone know how to order coffee at least 10 different ways.
8.   Swimming is an indoor sport.
9.   You can wear  a T-shirt that says, “200 Billion Slugs Can’t Be Wrong!”
10.  You can tell the difference between Thai, Japanese and Chinese food.

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