23 October 2010

Countdown (4) ...

4 Things I Will not Miss about San Diego

  1. Dryness!  It is so dry here.  My skin, scalp & nose are itchy and screaming for some moisture.  I actually get nose bleeds because it is so dry.  Dry like a desert.  Dry like sandpaper.
  2. Shrubs!  This is one shrubby town.   The 1st time I went out house-hunting with the Realtor she said to me, 'We get a lot of wild-fires around here because we have so many trees everywhere."  I looked out the car window and said, 'where are they?' and she said 'everywhere'.  Now don't get me wrong SD is beautiful but they do not  have ... trees everywhere.  I am craving a tall tree skyline.
  3. Football!  SD appears to be a total Football town.  It doesn't matter what sports bar you go into it's football - if the SD Charges are not playing they will watch some other team Mplaying ... even IF the Padres are playing the last couples games of the season AND they are without 1 game of winning the NL West pendant.  What!!  Asking them to switch even 1 of their 25 TV's to the baseball game was like asking them to shake hands with the devil.  
  4. Sunshine!  I actually miss a change in the weather - even the slightest change.  I don't think it would take much longer before I started to crave a little rain day greyness.     (Okay, I might have stuck this one in to make myself feel better about leaving, maybe ... wink, wink, nod)

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