19 October 2010

Countdown (7) ...

Days till we hit Redmond

7projects for my old house/new house when I get home  ....
($$$ permitting)

Before we moved I'd been decided that I wanted to make our house (on the inside since I can't really do anything to the outside) feel more like a cottage-style house.

My dream is to live in a little old cottage by the sea or maybe lakeside but since that will never happen my next best dream would be to attempt to morph my house into a cottage in a complex ...

Here are some of the ideas that I thought about and now that we are moving back ... they've been recycled onto my Todo list again.  

1.     Replace all the cheap hollow-core doors with 5 panel wood doors (All doors, molding and trim will be painted creamy white)

(Hey Jen, If I remember correctly you had these doors at your old house and I loved them.  Did you install them or were they already there when you bought the house?)

2.     Replace the sliding doors (the sliders lead out to my sunroom) in my office & bedroom with  Bi-fold french doors.  
3.     Replace my laundry room door which goes out to my back deck with a dutch-door.  Why, just cause I love'em!   (Imagine the door but nix the view of the sea)
4.     Install  (DIY: I'm going to install this myself)  Board & Batten paneling in dining room.  'Love it!

5.     Paint my front door black & put a 'Welcome' Vinyl sign on it.  I have a wooden bench that sits in my front courtyard and I am going to paint it black also. 

6.    Replace the carpet in my dining room & install hardwoods to match my existing hardwoods.  Stain a little darker color.  
I think this kitchen has some board & baton type of  paneling up to.  I love the built-in breakfast eating nook.

7.  Replace all the 'turquoise blue'  counter-tops in my kitchen with honed black quartz and a subway tile back-splash.  

It would kinda look like this - kinda.  These counter-tops are soapstone which would be my 1st choice but I've read that they require a lot of upkeep where as quartz doesn't.
These are only 7 of the approximately 7 millions old house/new house dreams that are now  floating around in my brain.

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  1. Hey Nancy
    Love the choice of doors , we put ours in the house because I loved them!!!!
    still do we put the same ones in Penny and Jacks house !!!
    one week to go you;ll be home and all settled in time for the holidays .
    enjoy your last week in san diego.

  2. Hi,
    Where did you find your bi-fold French doors? I live in CT...

  3. Hi Nancy! I will also do the Bi-fold French doors in my house. I was thinking about the sliding door but you changed my mind with your article :) Thank you


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