28 October 2010

Day (4) ...

This morning we woke up in Half Moon Bay which is about 28 miles south of San Francisco on Hwy 1.

Today was a designated 'Drive Day' and we had planned to log about 400 hundred miles but ...

Oops - it seems we slept in this morning until just past 10 & so we missed our free breakie and we got a late start driving.

- blerg -

We drove through San Franciso ...

I love all the row houses in SF

And we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge (our 1st time) ....

Golden Gate Bridge
We continued driving and met the rain head on!

At first a slow & steady drizzle that morphed into a heavy downpour.

We stopped briefly along the way to visit the Chandelier Tree - a live tree you can drive through.

- Beep Beep -
It was a huge tree ...

Tomorrow we are heading north to see the "Avenue of the Giants" aka: the Giant Redwoods

Mileage:  Half Moon Bay, Ca  to Graberville, Ca (229. miles)

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  1. Pretty wet looking but the sights are wonderful. Keep on truckin. U Frank

  2. Hey we have that same photo of us driving through that tree ,, I would love to take the kids back there I remember seeing families there and the kids were so excited!!!
    maybe one day we'll make the drive with them.


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