29 October 2010

Day (5) ...

Garberville, CA
 We spent last night in Garberville, CA.

It is a very small town with a population of about 2,500 and is located in Humboldt County.

View from hotel balcony this morning

Not much to see but fog & trees so we headed out of town early this morning to go find the Giant Redwoods.

Agenda:  Tour the "Avenue of the Giants".

The Avenue of the Giants is a 32 mile stretch of an old road that was originally built for use by stagecoachs & wagons.

The Avenue winds through some of the most beautiful forested land I have ever seen.

It meanders through the Humboldt Redwoods State Park (53,000 acres) which has the largest remaining stand of virgin coast redwoods in the world (17,000 acres of old-growth coast redwood forest).

Mike standing amid  3 giant redwoods
The California coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are the tallest trees in the world - some reaching over 300ft tall (taller than a 30 story building).

Founders Tree

Click on Photo to enlarge
Many people say that standing amid the giant redwoods is like standing in Nature's Cathedral.

And I agree. 

The forest is humbling, ancient and mighty. 

Each tree seems to stand with quiet dignity - reaching up through the mist  to the sky above.
- I love the way the bark twists around the tree -

Redwood trees are amongst the oldest living things on earth. 

The average age the old-growth redwood trees are between 600 hundred and 1500 years old.

Mike standing at the root base of a tree that had recently fallen

"I feel most emphatically that we should not turn into shingles a tree which was old when the first Egyptian conqueror penetrated to the valley of the Euphrates." 
 - Theodore Roosevelt-

The Avenue connects back up with Hwy 101 and so we reconnected with it and began heading north again.

Hwy 101  stretches from San Diego, CA through all of California, Oregon and Washington up to the Canadian border.  

It is without a doubt, the most beautiful drive I have ever taken.

Here is some of what we saw today ....

Roosevelt Elk in Eureka, CA.

Arcata Bay, CA

Mike & I in Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park, CA.
Wild Seas somewhere around Orick, CA. 

Elephant seals - Crescent City, CA

Stopped for lunch in Crescent City, CA.
Port Orford, OR.

Mileage:  Graberville, CA. to Coos Bay, OR.  (284. miles)

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  1. WOW! again great photos.


  2. Hey Nancy

    Jay and I drove the avenue of giants about 9 years ago , they are very amazing !!! hope the rest of your drive is good

  3. Great photos. Huge trees!!! and great photo shots!!


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