26 October 2010

Day (2) ...

Pismo Beach, CA

Woke up this morning minus 1 kink in my neck & a not so sore back.

Life feels good this morning! 

Today we are heading north on the 101 and plan to switch over to Hwy 1 (Pacific Coast Hwy) at some point.  

We stopped in Pismo Beach for a break around 3pm and enjoyed the sea views and grabbed a bit to eat.  

Pismo Beach, CA
It is amazing how  different the ecology is compared to San Diego.  Trees are taller & more numerous and the canyons are greener.  

The shoreline is much more rugged and the sandy white beaches are much harder to find.

Still very, very beautiful.

Pismo Beach, CA

After lunch we continued up the coast to San Simeon which is a very small town but famous for the Hearst Castle.

We stayed at a nice hotel right on the water.  Very beautiful.

San Simeon - Mike

Watching someone  Para-sail  at San Simeon

Sunset at San Simeon

We went to sleep in a luxurious king-sized bed with the doors to the balcony open, listening to the waves pounding all night long.

Bliss ....

Mileage:  Sherman Oaks, CA to San Simeon, CA (230 miles)

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  1. Beautiful pics....especially love the one of Mike looking out over the water. These pictures make me want to drive all along the California coast.
    You will be home sooooo soon!!!!


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