07 October 2010

On the Road Again ...

It's Official
Mike quit his SD job today

It's hard to believe but we are on the move again. 

Mike will start his new/old job on Monday, November 1st and so it only stands to reason - we will back in Seattle by then.

I am beginning to look & feel like a Hobo
I hope I find a home again someday soon!
- very soon -

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  1. I am getting tired just reading these, that's alot of packing and unpacking you had to endure....but hey, now when you move back everything will be new all over again!! You know what they say "nothing ventured, nothing gained." You wouldn't have known if it was going to work or not until you tried. That darn housing market was really not working in your favour. Are you and Mike going to have some time to enjoy there together before heading back this way?

  2. I would have loved to take 6/7 days to drive up the coast but we are planning to do the trip in 2 nights / 3 days. We will need to drive about 450 miles a day - I think it's 1200 or 1300 miles.

    We have no regrets about coming down here and none about moving back to Seattle.

    My only regret is that we were down here for such a short time that nobody had a chance to come down for a visit!!


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