23 November 2010

Snow ...

I still haven't found the computer thingy that downloads pictures from my memory card to my computer so I did not take this beautiful picture.

We have a bit of snow but not much - mostly it is cold.

It got down to about 22 last night and they are saying that it will get down into the mid-teens tonight.   Brrr

Truthfully, I am glad that I am not working & don't have to drive in it.  The roads are wickedly icy & there are too many stupid drivers out there.

Snow, ice & speed don't mix - unless you are standing on a pair of skis. 

I am still devoting most of my time to unpacking and sorting through all my years of accumulation.  I would like to have it at least 90% done by the New Year.

Well, I best get back to it - I hope everyone stays warm & toasty.

Drive carefully & Dress Warmly

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  1. We are cold up here too but nothing like you guys. Its cold and the side roads are icy, Chilliwack and Abbotsford are much colder and many areas there have been without power so we are not complaining as we still have heat and light.

    Stay warm!!! and say Hi to Katy for us.


  2. The snow is sure pretty. I like your new blog name and art work. Whenever I see a rainbow up here Dave almost crashes looking for it.


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