28 December 2010

A Belated Birthday ....

BDay #8

Aidan: Spring 2003
When it comes to smiles Aidan sure takes after his Mom in a big way - they both have monster big smiles on their faces almost all the time. 
It is truly amazing how fast they go from a baby in a cradle to a rough & tough baseball lovin' half-grown little boy.  

It happens in the blink of an eye.  

It feels like there is just time for a smile & a giggle and then they are off ...

I used to think that my own kids grew up too fast but now I'm starting to think grand-kids actually grow up even faster.

Aidan was all smiles as we had a small 'belated' birthday with him. 

He actually turned 8 on December 16th so we were  only a few days late.

 - A presents a present no matter how late -
 I had given Jessica a memory foam mattress pad a few years ago and she told me that Aidan loved sleeping on it because it was so squishy & soft.  His bed was hard as a rock - I know because I've borrowed it a few times.

So Mike & I gave him one for his bed.

Not exactly the kind of thing you'd think an 8 year would get very excited about (especially for his birthday)  but Aidan loved it. 


Poor guy, he struggled with it for quite awhile before he finally got it opened and flattened out but you can see from that big smile it was all fun!

He loved it.

After he finally had it laying flat he did his 'new foamy' bed dance on it.

It was so funny to watch him because he was having so much fun.

And after he danced and the foamy had passed the 'Aidan' test - I scored a great big hug!

Yikes!  Give that girl a hair brush.

Then Auntie Katy got a big hug too! 

It was a happy day cause it's fun to turn *8*

I hope your bed is nice, soft & comfy now Aidan. 

Goodnight, Sleep-tight & don't forget to ....

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