26 December 2010

Boxing Day 2010 ...

A Very Merry Christmas Morning ...
 Christmas 2010 has come & gone.

It came with lots of Love & Joy and left in much the same manner.

I have so much to catch-up on but for now I just wanted to post our Merry Christmas dinner photo ...

Look at Mike's smile!  Such a happy Christmas photo ... It's fake.  Mike was sick & spent most of  Christmas Day in bed.

After 8 months I am thrilled to once again have my own WHEELS ...
Mike bought me an early 25th Wedding Anniversary gift.  

A 2011 Ford Escape!  

Mike told me that he only wanted to look at used cars and didn't want to start looking until after New Years  so although I knew we needed to get another car this was an unexpected surprise. 

I love my new wheels but not nearly as much as I love him.    

Thanks Thirsty!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice relaxing Boxing Day!!

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garden thoughts ...

'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
- Robert Brault -