17 December 2010

A Fun Day ....

Dana & I
On Monday Dana & I went out to celebrate her birthday.

We started the our day together next door visiting my neighbor.  She made us some yummy potstickers for lunch lunch  then we spent a few hours drinking tea & conversing.    

After lunch we went we went over to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens to wander through the Garden of d'Lights.

It was raining when we first got there but stopped about 1/2 way through our tour.

It was chilly but as always beautiful.


Peter Cottontail in the Veggie Garden
After our stroll through the gardens we went out to a nice Birthday dinner at Crossroads Grill.  I love that place because the food is good and the atmosphere very friendly & pleasant.

We always have fun when we are together & her birthday was no exception .

Happy Birthday Dana
Thanks for making my world a better place
Love N

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  1. Thank you for such a fun and fabulous birthday ! I so much enjoy getting to hang out with you. Its fun getting to know your neighbor friend too. Hope you and Mike have a great time in Canada. Give Jess a hug for me. hugs and love ya Dana


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