29 December 2010

Ice Castles & Snow ...


Lighthouse Wrapped for the Holidays

Photograph by Mark Duncan, AP
It's not a wedding cake, an ice sculpture, an ice hotel or Snow Miser's palace - just a lighthouse at the entrance to Cleveland Harbor in Ohio, as seen enrobed in ice on December 16. 

Spray from Lake Erie and below-freezing temperatures turned Cleveland's West Pierhead Lighthouse into a Popsicle last week, leaving the Coast Guard to worry that any stubborn skippers braving the lake this time of year would miss the shoreline. The light's lens, as well as the rest of the building, is completely iced over—and will be for months.


I woke up to a little bit of Magic of our own this morning and even if it is not as amazing as the 'Ice Lighthouse' of Ohio it was still a truly welcome site.


We never get much and it never lasts long but I always enjoy every minute of it.

Where ever you are today - I hope you can find some  Magic of your own!

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