09 December 2010

Settling Back In ...

I bet you thought you were never going to hear from me again - didn't ya.

Truthfully, even I was starting to wonder.

It's not like me to be quiet for so long - is it!

But I've been here, busy with unpacking, organizing and getting resettled.

I still have quite a bit left to do but I've given myself until Dec. 31st, 2010 to get it all done so I'm still on schedule and under budget!

- Mike's Office -

 All I have left to organize is my scraproom. Oh, and the back deck which may not get done until the new year.

Mike's office is off limits to me but you won't hear me crying about that.

And it hasn't all been work ...

- Gourds -
Dana & I went to a Gourd class.  We both ended up with an almost finished & very expensive but lovely dyed gourd.  

I have no idea what the heck I'll ever do with that gourd but it was great to visit & chat with Dana again so it's all good.

- Thanksgiving 2010 -
Katy & her entourage came home for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful to have her home.  

I've said it before and I'll say it again - the house just more cheerful & alive when she is home.

It was even nice to see Sneakers & Chewie again.

A full house is a gift.
Big sigh ...

- Sneakers, The Wonder Dog -
I think Sneakers even remembered the house.  I know she was only gone for 7 months but that's about 4 years in dog time.

She seemed a little confused at first but then she settled right in.  

What a good dog she is and Katy is so happy to have Sneakers living with her again.  

She's looking pretty fit & healthy for 18 - isn't she (although she's just about stone deaf now)!!!

- umm, Yorkshire Pudding -
We usually go to the Seattle Space Needle for Thanksgiving dinner but this year we decided to stay home (ahhh, home sweet home) and make our own feast.

Rather than the usual turkey & stuffing for Thanksgiving we decided to change things up a little and had Prime Rib & Yorkshire Pudding.  

I haven't had (or made) Yorkshire Pudding in years and I had almost (but not quite) forgotten how good it was.  

Mike & Katy were a little grossed out watching me make it and were very reluctant to try it.  

Can you say ... CONVERTS!  

They both loved it.  

Who wouldn't!

Oh and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without cranberries & pumpkin pie so we threw those in as well.

It was so good.


Walkabout No. 33
Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2010
Experience Music Project (EMP) Museum
Battlestar Galactica: The Exhibition


Walkabout No. 34
Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2010
Lunch & Movie (127 Hours)

I also had a nice long lunch with Becky today.  It was nice to visit with her again and after lunch we prowled around Molbak's for a while.

I've also been visiting and chatting with the neighbors.

I love knowing all (well, almost all) the people in my neighborhood.

- Christmas Village 2010 -
I also put up my Christmas Tree, our D56 village and various other Noel adornments.

The house now looks festive & is patiently awaiting the arrival of that special big guy. 

Now it's on to all the gift wrapping that awaits ...

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  1. Who took the great picture of you and Mike and Katy? I want to see more pictures of your new (old) house and what you have done with it this time around.....

  2. Lol she isn't 18 Mom, she is 16. But at least you got her gender right :)


  3. How do you make yorkshire pudding? They sound interesting. Sneakers is so cute ! Maybe we can turn our gourds into some kind of garden art.


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