10 December 2010

Seasonal Thoughts ...

Christmas is almost upon us and unlike many, I am dreaming of a White Christmas.

A really white Christmas.

The weatherman promised us a cold, snowy winter and I am going to hold him to that promise!

So far thought all he's producing is liquid snow - gallons & gallons of liquid snow.

All of my surprises have been bought  (that was the easy part).  

I buy about 95% of my gifts on the internet and have them delivered to my front door.  No crowds, no parking hassles and no long lines.  

I just open the door and there they are, waiting to get wrapped up neatly in some shiny & festive paper & bows (that's the hard part).

I need me some elves?

Yesterday I ordered our Christmas dinner.  We decided (Mike, Katy & I) that we would go the unconventional route again as we did with Thanksgiving and ordered Hickory Bacon wrapped Filet Mignon & Crab Cakes from a company called Kansas City Steak.

Oh ya, and cheesecake for dessert!  

I had bought a Groupon for them a while back and finally put it to good use. 

We like turkey but we LOVE steak and since there will only be the 3 of us this worked out great.  The steaks & Maryland style crab cakes will be delivered just before Christmas.

Time to fire up the new BBQ we just bought. 

What's everyone else cooking for Christmas dinner?

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1 comment:

  1. That sounds delightfully yummy. We usually get a Honey Baked Ham spiral cut, and make a 7 layer salad (I need to get you the recipe I think you'd like it) and other holiday foods, but those are the 2 we LOVE the most for Christmas dinenr. Oh not sure what dessert will be yet, maybe I can talk Carina into making something for dessert.

    Hoping you and everyone have a White Wonderland Christmas.


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