08 October 2011

Happy BDay Jenny ...

Happy Birthday Jenny

 Wishing to a wonderful day with those you love!

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26 September 2011

Whitecaps Camp ...

Whitecap Soccer Camp
August 2011

Aidan loves, loves, loves soccer.  It's his game of choice - the game he loves to play.  Yes, I think baseball would come in at a close second but he's definitely a bigger soccer / football fan.  

In fact, when Aidan got sick at my house this summer he was down for a week to attend a Seattle Sounder's soccer camp.  

He was sad that he got sick and had to miss the Sounder's camp. 

But not to worry because for one week, while I was up in Canada, Aidan & I headed out to Abbotsford to spent the morning at a Whitecap's Soccer Camp.  

Everyday was it was so sunny and bright.  Aidan had so much fun.

I am glad the camp was 1st thing in the morning because by the time we were done at noon it was starting to get HOT.

There were a lot of girls & boys at the camp and they were of all ages & ability.  

Some were beginners and other's were pretty hard-core but they all seemed to have fun.

FLASHBACK:  I remember years ago, back in the 1980's, when Mom, Dad Sandra & I had season's tickets to Vancouver Whitecaps.   Back then the Whitecaps.  

They were part of the North American Soccer League from 1974 - 1984 until the league went belly up.  I guess North America wasn't quite ready for that English style 'Football'.  

The Whitecaps, from the Village of Vancouver, Canada, as the ABC sportscaster called us, went on to beat the New York Cosmos and ultimately the Soccer Bowl.  It was so exciting - 
Now, the Vancouver Whitecaps & Seattle Sounders are rivals and it would have been such fun for Aidan to attend both camps this summer but it wasn't meant to be this time around.  Maybe next summer.

It was quite amazing to see what a difference attending the camp made in Aidan's playing.  He learned quite a bit but more importantly it really gave him a confidence boost.

And most importantly, he had so much fun!  Just look at that smile.  

There is no doubt in my mind that these summer camps really help the kids hone their sports skills in whatever sport they play.

The coaches were all so good with the kids.  The Whitecaps had promised to bring some 'real' Whitecaps players to meet the kids on the last day and sign their soccer balls but the kids all lined up to get their coaches autographs.

Wilson & I would either sit & watch, walk around the track or just enjoy the views.


  It's amazing how happy a new set of cleats & a Whitecaps jersey can make a guy!

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24 September 2011

Happy Birthday Jess ...


I Celebrate You not just today
but every single day! 

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23 September 2011

Happy BDay Katy ...

Happy Birthday Katy

You've made the past 24 years magical ...

We love you Birthday Girl 
Have the Happiest Birthday Ever!


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22 September 2011

Happy BDay Todd

Happy Birthday Todd

 It's time to put on your Party Hat & have a wonderful day!

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21 September 2011

Hanging Out ...

Sardis Elementary

- We had so much fun hanging out together -
Aidan & I spent a lot of time this summer just Hanging Out and while I can't say that we did nothing but laugh & have fun - I can say that we did laugh a lot and have a lot of fun.

What a joy is was being able to just hang out with Aidan every day.

This was definitely, for me, a summer to remember.

 Some days we would just wander across the street and go hang out at the elementary school.  We'd check out his daycare, he showed me where his old classrooms were and sometimes we'd just mess around on the playground equipment.

Most of the time I'd just watch him play and as he climbed, hung & swung - we'd chat & chat & chat some more.

 We always took Wilson along - he was often our cheering (barking) section and would watch us playing from afar.

 A few times we even played one-on-one and shot hoops.

 And sometimes we'd just sit around and hang out.

The best days in life's are the ones filled with the simple pleasure of just Hanging-out with someone you love.  

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20 September 2011

Aidan & I ...

Simple Pleasures

I am my mother's daughter, of that I have no doubt!

One of my Mom's greatest pleasures was spending time with her granddaughters and then, when they came along, her great-grandchildren.  She loved having them nearby, being able see them often - to be an active part of their lives.

Yup, my Mom loved being a Grandma and she was very, very good at it.  It came as naturally to her as breathing did.

 She told me once that just being able to be a small part of their day.to.day lives was as good or better than taking them on big outings or events because they would chat with her and share the small details of their lives with her.

- my imagined Gnome house  -
I definitely inherited the 'Granny' gene from my Mom.

I have always joked that I only had kids so that one day I would have lots of grand-kids and they would live near me and come to my house to visit often.

Well, I was blessed with a WONDERFUL grandson that I adore & Love to spend time with.

I am a one lucky Nana that's for sure.

When I lived in, what I loving refer to as our 'one acre house' I used to dream of building a 'Gnome' house for my grand-kids to play in - I wanted to bury it deep in the treed area of my yard so it would be a secret place just for them.

But, sometimes life doesn't unfold exactly the way you have planned.  To be sure, life gave me the GREATEST grandson EVER!  

I couldn't love him more, he makes every 'Granny gene' in me sparkle & shine.

I Love you Aidan!

I love spending time with you and getting to know the wonderful person you are becoming - so kind, caring, smart & funny!

But, it's a simple pleasure, that due to time & distance,  I don't get to experience on a day.to.day basis very often.

This distance, my Nemesis, has conspired for many years to deny me the lazy day chats & conversations I long for.

The natural easy closeness that develops when you spend time just hanging out with someone - wandering through the day together.

A closeness that Facebook, email, post cards & all the phone chats in the world can't quite bring about.

So, this summer I packed my bags, loaded Wilson up in the car & went to live with Aidan & Jess for most of July & August so that I could really get to know my grandson.

It was heaven & we had such a good time (well, except for that salmonella incident & missing Mike) ..

Was it all sweetness & roses.  Of coarse not but that's what made it so great!  We tore off that overly sweet politeness  that comes with being a House-Guest and we moved into that comfortable cheekiness people / families get when they live together.

So, what did we do all summer, well we did lots and I will tell you all about it tomorrow because right now Wilson wants to go out for a walk.

See you later!

Life is good & full.

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