19 January 2011

Crazy Busy, Crazy Fun ...

- Smiling Faces -
This past weekend was crazy busy, crazy fun. 

On Friday - Jessica, Aidan & John arrived at 1pm.
They immediately fill the house with laughter, smiles & chaos.
The air is thick with the promise of ...

 Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter 

Wizards, Muggles & Marauders
The boys were flush with excitement & anticipation. 
As 'giddy' as young boys can get when their minds are filled with ...

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter ... 

But, the 1st order of business - Masterpiece Making.
We'll save the spell conjuring for later when Sarah gets here.
So, off we go to the only Masterpiece making place I know.

My local ceramics shop.
- Anticipation -
- John with his Masterpiece -
- Nancy's Masterpiece -
We put the finishing touch's on our art work.
And headed over to see Chuck.
Chuck E. Cheese that is ....

- Pizza, games,  prizes & smiles all round  -
-  Winnings & Tokens -

Chuck E. Cheese is a little like "Las Vegas" for kids.
All the glitz, glamor & gaming of the real Vegas.
All the excitement of winning & heartbreak of losing.

- Kiddie Slots -
 Actually, you might be surprised by how many adults play the games.
Jess & I had to laugh because we saw several parents playing ...
while their kids just stood nearby, dejected, watching them play.

- Cashing In -

By the end of the night everyone was tuckered out.
So with our winnings in hand (bags of cotton candy & pop.rocks)
We headed home - happy & content from a full day of fun.

A good nights sleep was in order...
because we had a train to catch the next morning.
A train to Hogwarts ...

Sarah got up at the crack of dawn & arrived at 9am.
The boys were up early and very excited to go see.

Harry, Harry Potter that is ...

- Jess, Aidan, John & Sarah at the Pacific Science Center -

- Butterfly Room at Science Center -

- John trying to get a butterfly on his hand -
- Aidan & John sitting in the Big chair -

While we were waiting in the line to see Harry Potter Darth Vader & the Star Wars gang wandered by to say hi.

- Darth Vader -
The Darth Vader character was about 7' tall.

The kids were amazed (look at that little boys face behind Darth Vader)

Aidan & John were very excited to learn that the next big exhibit coming to the PSC is Star Wars!

- Aidan & John meet Darth Vader on the way to Hogwarts -

- Harry -
We were not allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibit so you'll just have to use your imagination.
But, I will say this - If  love Harry Potter and you get the chance to see it - go! It was a great show. 

After the show we went down to the waterfront and rambled around the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop for a while and then went to Red Robin for dinner.

Sarah & John left about 10 on Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon we were able to check off one of the items on Aidan's Bucket List.   

He had been dying to go a Sushi restaurant near our house that Mike had been telling him about which has a conveyor belt that carries the sushi along past you.

When you see a dish you like you just grab it and eat.  

Aidan loved it.  I think our sushi restaurant even beat his in Chilliwack which has a button on the table you can push to bring the waitress over. 

- Jess & Aidan -

- Sushi coming down the conveyor belt -
I had so much fun and hope everyone else did too (poor Sarah had to sleep on an air mattress on the floor - sorry).

I can't wait to do it again.

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