02 January 2011

Dinner & Game Night No. 1 ...

Mike & I have decided that our New Year's Resolution would be to host a monthly Dinner & Game Night at our house.

Last night, January 1, 2011 was our very 1st of the year!

Playing Zombie Flux
I didn't get any good pictures but here is one of us all playing Zombie Flux.  

Claudia, Tom, Dave, Dana & half of Mike are shown in this photo (not shown are Katy, Alex & myself).

I think I will send out Evites for future Dinner/Game Nights & schedule a different game for each dinner.  

They will be informal gatherings with either a board, card or poker games played.

I think I will keep trying out different games until I find several that are fun & fast moving.  

I think I will plan on 3rd Sunday of every month to keep it consistent & easier to plan and remember.

I have no idea how many people will show.  I suppose the number will vary - sometimes a few and sometimes it might just be Mike & I!  Time will tell. 

When it is just Mike & I we will probably play Scrabble - my most favorite game in the whole world (that we rarely play).

It will be fun in the summer when we can be outside and BBQ because I can actually fit more people on my deck than in my dinning room.

Zombie Flux is a game I personally love but it was kind of slow moving last night but fun nonetheless.

We also played a round of Katy's new game that she got for Christmas called, "The Last Word" but I think the group consensus was that we didn't enjoy that game very much.  

Since the cat kept running away from him - Alex decided to be a cat himself instead.

 All in all the night was a lot of fun, company was very enjoyable, food was great and I can't wait for our next one.

I hope everyone is having a good start to the New Year

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  1. You have to try Scribblish, it is a new Cranium game that Jess and Aidan gave us for Christmas. We played it on New Year's Eve, fun group game it gave us a lot of laughs!!!


  2. I haven't but I will look for it. Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. Yes we had many laughs that night but I think that the game Scribblish provided the most... I still laugh when I think about Aidan's missile toe...lol


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