15 April 2011

Birthday Bouquet ...

- Beautiful Flowers from a Beautiful Friend -

Dana, an old & very dear friend, brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my BDay.   It's hard to  believe that we've been friends for over 20 years now. 

She put the arrangement together herself - just for my BDay. I love the green of the Bells of Ireland with the pink of the Gerbera  & Carnations.

She is a very talented floral designer and dreams of one day opening her own florist shop and I'm sure you will all agree that she has a good eye for color, texture & form ...

So, Thank-you Dana for 20 years of friendship & for the beautiful flowers and keep on Dreaming Big because I believe that one day soon that flower shop will be yours!

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1 comment:

  1. Your Welcome and Thank You too !!! I'm so lucky you are my SBFF !!! When I first saw this blog I thought I wonder where Mike got those flowers, LOL, they look so pretty, I thought they needed something else but darn they look pretty good. ;) You are a wonderful photographer !!! love ya and big hugs, DD


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