06 April 2011

Walkabout No. 2

Walkabout No. 2
Black River / Renton Waterworks Garden
September 17, 2007

 Yesterday I went for a nice long, leisurely walk & talk with my friend Therese.  We have decided to go explore a new garden or natural area every Monday together. I am so excited to now have someone who loves to go exploring gardens, natural areas & restoration sites with me. 

We don't "power" walk - our walks are more ... "walk, talk, stop & explore" type of outings but we do get some exercise and have lots of fun. 

Yesterday we went to the Black River Wildlands & Waterworks Park in Renton - I LOVE both of these sites!

It is one of the largest Great Blue Heron Rookery's in Washington - the Herons are not nesting right now but it is still an amazing place to visit.

Therese and I will probably return next spring when you can see the Herons nesting and their babies.

Have a great day!

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