17 April 2011

A Week in Four Parts (1) ...

 Part One
Star Wars & Archie McPhee

- Aidan at Star Wars Exhibit -
Jessica & Aidan decided to come down to Seattle for Winter Break this year so I bought tickets for all of us to go see the Star Wars Exhibit at the Pacific Science Center.  

We were still on a Harry Potter high and Aidan is in love with all things 'Star Wars' so ...

What could be more fun!

 The pre-show excitement level was high.

We were hoping that it would be similar to the Happy Potter Exhibit we saw in January with John & Sarah  (clicking on the Harry Potter Exhibit link will take to that blog post) but we were all a little disappointed.

Where the Harry Potter show was very theatrical in nature the Star Wars show was a little more educational in nature.

I know, I know, my thoughts exactly!

What kid wants educational during their school break but I guess they thought if they threw a little Yoda into the mix the kids wouldn't notice ...

- Mike & Aidan testing out their magnetic hover-craft  -
They had many interactive building stations where you could build & test Star War type things , for example,  Mike & Aidan build a magnetic hover-craft (above) that demonstrated how the Star Wars space ships might be possible.

- Aidan & a Storm Trooper -
There was an impressive display of memorabilia, movie props & information but Now don't get me wrong, it was a very impressive show and worth going to ... it just wasn't a Harry Potter Extravaganza type of show but we had fun.
- Aidan on the Fremont Troll -
After the show we took Aidan over to Fremont to see the Troll under the Bridge.  He got out of the car and climbed up on it while we all waited in the car.  Lazy! (except the guy in red and he wasn't with us, don't know who he is)

- Aidan in front of Archie McPhee -

Then Mike  decided that he wanted to take Aidan over to browse around  Archie McPhee's for a while.  It is a novelty shop extraordinaire and if you've never been to Archie's then I suggest you might want to put it on your To-Do list next time you're in Seattle.

All said it was a fun day.
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  1. looks like a great place to go. looking forward to the rest of the photos


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