22 April 2011

A Week in Four Parts (4)

Part Four
Gearhart / Sunset Beach

On the advice of the Inn staff we headed up to Sunset Beach.  It was about a 10 minute drive north of the Inn and oh, so worth the drive.  It is such an incredible beach.

Let me just say how much we loved the fact that you can drive your vehicle right out on to the beach. 

mm 'hmm, I know what your thinking - not so very environmentally friendly, right.  Well, true enough but if you can get past that fact - it really kinda fun. 

At first I was sort of freaking out that we'd get stuck but there were other vehicles out on the beach and that wet sand is like cement.

It was very windy but fairly warm out, a perfect day for the beach.  Aidan may not love swimming but he sure does loves the ocean.

I could see that he was just so full of joy whenever we got near the ocean.  It doesn't seem to matter how cold or windy is gets he just wants to stay and play.

He had a blast flying his kite with his mom ...


And chasing the waves ...

Or maybe they were chasing him ...

Either way he loves the ocean.  No doubt about that.

It was so much fun just to watch him interacting with the waves.  Pure Joy.


Sunset Beach was so much fun but after about 3 hours he was good & wet he started to get cold and so we decided it was time to head back to our oh-so-beautiful cottage by the sea.

We grabbed some Chinese food on the way home and headed back for some  rest, relaxation and vegging out. 

An incredible day and a wonderful vacation.

I think we will definitely be heading back next year for spring break.

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  1. Looks like a great place to holiday. Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed all the great photos.

  2. Oh your trip looked like so much fun. I'm so happy Jess and Aidan got to go with you.

  3. Looks like a very beautiful place....Aidan looks like he was having so much fun. We love the beach too!!


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