23 May 2011

Big Backyard 5k ...

The Big Backyard 5k

Mike & I went on first ever 5k event Sunday morning at Marymoor Park - our big backyard.

It was the 2nd annual Big Backyard 5k and all the money raised will help support the King County Parks System (everyone's big backyard).

King County manages over 26,000 acres of parks & wildland with more than 175 miles of trails and yes, this is a government sponsored run.  Times are tough & we love our parks.

Marymoor Park, just down the road from our house, is King County's oldest, largest (640 acres) and most popular park (3 million visitors a year).  It is located at the northern end of Lake Sammamish and including a 40-acre off-leash dog.

And, because it was a dog friendly walk - I brought Sneakers along.  She loved it.

I love their slogan, " Run Your Backyard Off ".

Last year was the 1st year for the event and they had about 500 participants and raise just over $20,000.  This year there were about 1500 runners & walkers and we raised $55k.

Everyone started off at 9am promptly, everyone except Mike, Sneakers & I (and a few other folks) because I needed to hit the Porta-Potty before I could start.  We were one of the last groups to head out.

The skies were filled with clouds & mist when we started out but otherwise it was nice.  Not raining or cold.

I'd say about 1/3 of the people ran and the rest of us walked - looks like some little people even hitchhiked on their dad's backs.  

We were dedicated, very dedicated and when we passed the Mac & Jack's sign saying they were open for tours (and they give out samples) we keep walking ... even though we were thirsty by this point.  

By the time we hit mile 3 the sun was out and the day was filled with all kinds of wonderful.  

Sneakers was such a good dog through the entire walk.   I think I was limping more than she was by the end.

I am committed to doing 5 more 5k events by the end of the year but I'm not sure if  Mike or Sneakers is.

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  1. Nancy that is wonderful, congrats to you and Mike and of course to Sneakers.


  2. Good for you guys, it's great to get out and take part in things going right in our own backyard :)


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