26 May 2011

Ocean Shores ...

- April 9,10, 2011 -
Mike & I spent the weekend of April 9th down at Ocean Shores, Wa.  We had a wonderfully quiet & uneventful weekend together. 

- Us -
Bliss ...

- Shilo Inn -

I had a Groupon for the Shilo Inn at Ocean Shores so off we went - the hotel turned out to be a wonderful. 

The hotel itself was nice but it was catapulted into the 5-Star range by way the incredibly hospitable & thoughtful way they treated us.  

First, the staff was so friendly & accommodating.

Secondly, they upgraded us into a suite.  

And third, they also had a plate filled with yummy chocolate chip cookies & strawberries waiting for us in our room for us along with a personalized Welcome Letter.  

Very thoughtful - a step above & beyond.

The Groupon also included a voucher worth $45 at the Steak & Seafood restaurant located in the hotel and so we enjoyed a nice dinner.

I do so love me a good Groupon, so much so,  Mike keeps telling me I need a Groupon Intervention!

We had incredible views of the ocean from our balcony ....

- marshes with dunes & ocean beyond -
Once the sunset the frogs in the marshes serenaded us all night long.  

Mike didn't appreciate their music but I love it (once the balcony door was closed you couldn't hear them)

- Horses walking along the beach -
Early in the morning I caught sight of these folks taking a horse-walk along the beach.   They brought their own horses & would drive their trailers onto the beach to unload them but I'll bet you can rent horses somewhere nearby ...

From the hotel it is just a short walk past the marshes & through the dunes to the beach ...

Miles & miles of undeveloped coastline.

- Mike -

The beach in April is definitely a place where you can go and find some peace & quiet.

Readjust, rethink & reconnect - with life, the earth, yourself, your love & God.

I love the coastline along Oregon & Washington.

- Mike getting lost in the Sand Dunes -

There is something so peaceful & uninterrupted about being alone amongst the sand dunes.  I love them. 

 At this time of year it is possible that the only noise you will hear besides the waves are the shore birds & seagulls.

A another trip to Ocean Shores is definitely on this years agenda.  I would love to go again in the fall for some storm watching.

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