27 May 2011

Morning in my little garden ...

The morning of life is like the dawn of a day, full of purity, visions,
and harmony. 
        - Chateubriand -

The last few mornings, at my house,  have been sunny & bright and the birds chirping & flitting about in my little garden always seem to lure me out - usually clad in only my pj's, slippers and coffee in hand.

 And as I sit - I am in awe of the glory of God's creation.

Whoever loves and understands a garden will find contentment
    - Chinese Proverb -
As I breath deep the start of each new day, alone, outside, I watch life begin to unfold  - flowers stretch & reach for the sun, birds chatter and I sit smiling, overwhelmed, with the knowledge that I am one of  luckiest people on earth.

To be able to just sit and watch.

I am grateful to Mike every single day for this gift.

Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must
carry it with us or we find it not
.        - Ralph Waldo Emerson -
 These jewels hang from the branches of my new Coral Bark Maple Tree.

I hung them off some of the branches to weight them down to encourage them to lie down & help the tree become less upright.

They sparkle when the sun shines & everyone enjoys watching them twinkle - even the Green Man smiles.

There is something of the marvelous in all things of nature.     - Aristotle -

The Blue Jay's stopped by for an early morning visit while I was outside & I was happy to see them again.

I rushed to put out a breakfast treat out for them, thinking how marvelous they look - so colorful and comical.

Nature is the art of God.    - Ralph Waldo Emerson -

A little Humming bird stopped in for a drink while I was sitting outside - I sat very still, careful not to disturb him.

Have you ever noticed that you can often hear them coming before you see them?

Stop every now and then. Just stop and enjoy. Take a deep
breath. Relax and take in the abundance of life.
- Anon -
I put up a new beautiful blue feeder for them a couple of days ago but so far they still prefer that old, plain red one.  

I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Look! Look! Look deep into nature and you will understand everything.     - Albert Einstein -

I was excited to see two chickadee's popping in & out of my old birdhouse.

I have yet to hear any peeps or tweets from inside the house so I don't know if they have nested in it or yet.

Of all the wonderful things in the wonderful universe of God, nothing seems to me more surprising than the planting of a seed in the blank earth and the result thereof.    - C. Thaxter -
My garden is very small & it really doesn't take me more than a few steps in any one direction to move about it but even still - I can spend hours on my knees - just looking, admiring & watching it grow.

There is something so humbling about standing back & admiring my garden only to realize that I had played such a small role in its growth, survival or beauty.

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  1. great pics you got

  2. your garden is truly a beautiful place and i enjoy the pictures of all gods creatures both botanical and feathered. CMc


garden thoughts ...

'I sit in my garden, gazing upon a beauty that cannot gaze upon itself. And I find sufficient purpose for my day.'
- Robert Brault -