19 June 2011

Happy Dad's Day ...

Happy Father's Day

Last weekend Mike & I were up in Canada for a Backyard BBQ to celebrate an early Father's Day.  Jessica & Aidan hosted the BBQ at their house and we were blessed with sunny weather & a very enjoyable gathering of family.

Dad, Cathy, Wayne, Jenny, Livy, Bella, Max, Mike, Jess, Aidan & I were all came to the BBQ this year and it was nice to see everyone.

It's such fun to see all the kids  - they always make me smile.

They just sat & stared at each other for the 1st 35 minutes - no playing, no talking or interaction of any kind and then  - then boom, an explosion of kid laughter, fun & activity.

Once the fun began they didn't stop playing together until it was time to go.  

Haha, too funny.  It made be laugh and think back to when I was a kid.

I may be old but I still remember going through the exact same 'gathering of the kid clan' rituals when I was a young ... the re-acquainting with with all my cousins at family events years & years ago.

It's so true that 'The more things change the more they stay the same.' 

It's a process that takes a good 1/2 hour to complete and it goes something like this:
  1. Upon arrival ... slyly glance as each one as they enter to size them up for 'playability'.
  2. Continue to stare coolly at them, taking care to avoid any eye contact.
  3. Act reserved, assess them & the likeliness that they might want to play with you. 
  4. Engage in some nervous sideways eye glances (this time hoping to make brief eye contact) ...
  5. A mother (any mother will do) comes into the room and says, 'whats wrong with you guys, why aren't you guys playing'.  Get off that couch and go outside/downstairs/into your room and play!
  6. At this point one the kids, usually the child who lives there (resident child), will get up & begin moving towards the (insert appropriate area) ...
  7. Within seconds the entire group gets up and follows ...  
  8. Now the 'resident child' will get braver and address the group asking 'Who wants to play (insert a kid activity) with me ...
  9. At this point all heck breaks loose and a full on Kid Explosion begins ...  

    Jenny, Max, Aidan, Livy & Bella
    We had bought everything to treat the kids to some Smores for dessert.  I thought they would have fun making them on the BBQ but by dessert time the BBQ had run out of gas.  

    Bummer, but then Jess suggested that we make them in the microwave and they turned out GREAT.

    Needless to say they were the hit of the party  ...

    - 5,000 calories of YUMMY goodness -

    Lessons in 'How to eat a Giant Gooey Smores' ...
    - Bella -
    - Aidan -
    - Livy -
    - Max -


    Life is good and so much sweeter when we can share good food, lasting memories & just enjoy the sweet goodness of being a family whenever we can.

    We missed having Doug, Kathryn, Sandra, Brent, Jay, Sarah, Todd, Katy, Hannah, John, Jimmy, Ava, Claire & Gavin at the party this year.

    I hope everyone is as lucky as me and has the opportunity to give their Dad a hug today and say 'I love you'.

    - Happy Father Day -

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    1. So sad we missed it :( especially sad we missed those giant smores :( :(
      Looks like you had lots of fun!!


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