07 August 2011

Captured Memories No.1 ...

Captured Memories 

 I love pictures. 
Photographs, Snapshots, Polaroids
 Slides, Digitals, Kodachromes 
 It doesn't matter what you call them
a rose is a rose
They make me happy.
Yellowed, torn, technicolor or orphaned
I love photographs
Some are wrapped in a story 
date stamped & easy to read
but others 
arrive tattered, clothed in black&white 
 dateless & without a story
the quiet souls of another generation

- Captured Memory No. 1  -

- Captured Memory No. 2  -
- Captured Memory No. 3 -

- Captured Memory No. 4 -

- Captured Memory No. 5 -
- Captured Memory No. 6 -

- Captured Memory No. 7 -
- Captured Memory No. 8 -
- Captured Memory No. 9 -
- Captured Memory No. 10 -
Enjoy a look back at Captured Memories from the past.

If you have any information about one or all of these photos' please share because I really don't know much about many of these photo's except who is in them.

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  1. Interesting pics...who is in captured memory #8? Am I going crazy or was there not a flashback post that was there and gone the other day?? No Dad has not explained the photo yet...but they are coming here to celebrate Dad's and Hannah's b-day today so we will talk to him then.

  2. SB, Captured Memory No.8 is off Andrew Johnston. Grandma Stetar's Dad's Day (my maternal Great Grandfather)
    He was born in Ayr, Scotland in 1864 & died in Vancouver, Canada in 1950.
    You can go to: http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/1268212/person/-1923733252 to see more of the family tree.

  3. No.2 Your mom and Pat Stevens....at the PNE?????


  4. Ah, the PNE. That would explain the hat. She looked like she was such a fun loving person - I didn't really get to see that side of her because by the time I met her ... she was already a MOM!

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  6. Photo No. 10 is Cathy's christening day. When Cathy was born your mom and dad still lived in what later became their garage. When the house was complete your dad built a room over the garage ...accesable by stairs from the house...which became his office.



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